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   Chapter 688 To Survive

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On the other side, after they threw off the army of Holy Sea Empire, Rocky and Isis arrived at a hill outside of Mont City as fast as they could. It was a good place for an ambush. The terrain, the sparse woods and its rocky land-form would help then be concealed before they launched an attack.

When they arrived, Rocky found the rest of Crimson Dragon Army. The group was under the command of Fleming. The warriors were concealed around the dense terrain and were ready to attack.

"Commander in Chief! Deputy Commander in Chief!" as soon as he saw Rocky and Isis, Fleming immediately greeted them with a respectful tone.

"How many soldiers do you still have here?" Rocky asked with authority.

"Less than three thousand," Fleming replied.

Rocky's eyes widened in shock. Such a small force could not defeat the army of Holy Sea Empire that chased after them. Additionally, there might even be other forces of Holy Sea Empire that would join the fray.

"Even if we ambush, I don't think we can repel them. If we fail to repulse them on our attack, then the situation would be more disadvantageous for us," Isis said with a worried tone.

"Then, where are the civilians who have already retreated?" Rocky understood exactly what Isis said. After he thought for a while, Rocky immediately raised his head and asked the whereabouts of the others.

"They're just down that hill, over there." Fleming pointed at a hill not far away from the camp.

"Commander Fleming, cooperate with Deputy Commander in Chief and continue the preparations for the ambush. We need to deflect back the attackers. The troops of Holy Sea Empire will come soon. Only when we beat them can we retreat safely," Rocky ordered Fleming. Afterwards, he gave Isis a glance.

"I'll be fine. Just go ahead and do what you need to do." Isis had already guessed what Rocky was going to do. As such, she replied knowingly.

Then Rocky turned around and immediately walked towards the hill. Soon, his figure receded in the distance.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, may I ask what Commander in Chief is going to do?" Fleming's curiosity got the better at him. With a respectful tone, he asked Isis about Rocky'

ple complained a lot and they didn't believe in Crimson Dragon Army anymore.

Nonetheless, since he had expected such negative reactions, Rocky was still very calm. Even before he approached them, he already realized that it was not easy to persuade the crowd. However, because of lack of time, it seemed that he had to say some harsh words.

"Are you finished with your complaints?" Rocky suddenly shouted as he widened his eyes.

When they saw Rocky's expression, the people seemed to be scared. All of them shut up immediately and fixated their eyes on him.

"You are right. The Crimson Dragon Army did something wrong this time. But do you really think it's time to affix the responsibility? The Crimson Dragon Army can protect you. However, even if we punish them now, you'll just complain more in the future! So, if you want to survive, stop complaining. Just think of your family members who are still alive. Think of your future! You are not fighting for Crimson Dragon Army, nor for Holy Dragon Empire, but for yourselves and for your family members! Even if you may die, your wife, your mother, and your children can survive because of what you have done. It should be worth to sacrifice your lives if they can continue to live..." Rocky was a very passionate speaker. Every word he said hit the hearts of these people like a hammer. They understood that in order to survive, they had to join the army, instead of just whining and complaining.

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