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   Chapter 687 Peerless Master

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"Commander in Chief Rocky, our three Frontline Commanders are gone. One of them died in battle not long ago and one surrendered to the Holy Sea Empire. The final commander is missing," the grim-faced deputy commander answered, cupping his hands in front of his chest.

"Didn't you have reinforcements? Why was Mont City lost so quickly?" Rocky asked with a serious look on his face.

"Because..." the deputy commander trailed off.

"Tell me." Rocky fumed.

"The five thousand soldiers that were supposed to guard the east gate retreated unexpectedly and the Holy Sea Empire attacked the east gate. The commander who led these soldiers was the one I told you went missing earlier," the deputy commander responded.

"What's his name?" Rocky asked.

"Flank," the deputy commander uttered his name.

"It's him." Rocky's eyes darkened.

A few moments later, a great commotion occurred in the west gate. People cried out, "The Holy Sea Empire army is coming. Run! Save yourselves!"

A stream of people began to run, which caused the crowd to grow bigger with each second.

"What's your name?" Rocky asked the deputy commander.

"Fleming," he replied.

"I'm appointing you as the Frontline Commander, Fleming. Gather all the soldiers that retreated from the city and make sure they protect the civilians and lead them to safety. If any soldiers try to escape, kill them. Do you understand?" Rocky asked in a commanding tone.

"Yes, sir." Fleming bowed with renewed confidence at the fact that he'd just been promoted to the position of Frontline Commander.

"Deputy Commander in Chief Isis and I will try to block the oncoming forces first. Once you retreat, instruct the army to hide while waiting for Isis and me to return," Rocky instructed.

"Isis, let's go." Rocky gave Isis a nod as they vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving those who were left behind baffled.

Within a few moments, Rocky and Isis returned to the west gate where the Holy Sea Empire army proceeded to kill soldiers and innocent p

rned his head toward the loud crash and saw the blocked gate. His face now appeared ashen and distraught. The delicate figure from earlier now appeared, flowing gracefully down from the gate and dancing in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A strong spiritual power cascaded across the sky before it proceeded to crash into and kill several enemy soldiers on the ground below.

The Holy Sea Empire commander turned pale. He never expected two Heavenly Stage masters would suddenly show up at the battle.

Upon seeing that the gate had been blocked by Isis, Rocky whistled to Uriah. Realizing what it needed to do, Uriah flew to catch Isis who was about to fall and then it rushed towards Rocky.

"I'm not here to play your games. Tell your Commander in Chief that I'll take back Mont City soon." Rocky waved his hands and shook away the other three spirit manipulators of the Earthly Stage. Then he mounted Rubygon and rushed out of the encirclement quickly. He, along with Isis mounted on Uriah, flew towards the direction of the Crimson Dragon Army that was escorting the civilians.

"Get him!" the Holy Sea Empire commander ordered. With his army of three to four thousand people, he wouldn't let the Crimson Dragon Army get away.

The Holy Sea Empire army surged forward like a torrent towards Rocky as he and Isis left with their two beasts.

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