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   Chapter 686 Don't Block My Way

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"Maybe he's tired of living! Hurry up and drag him away already. How dare he block Prefect Liu's way?" the butler ordered with a domineering attitude. However, his forceful words didn't seem to do much, as nobody moved from their positions.

His face reddened in anger and embarrassment when, as he was about to shout more orders, he was interrupted by a condescending voice. "Such a shameless man who cares for nothing but his hide doesn't deserve to be called the prefect. He's no better than an animal."

All heads swiveled towards the direction of the voice. It was none other than Rocky, who finally caught up with them from behind.

Meanwhile, the butler was taken aback by his rudeness. He spluttered with his mouth agape in embarrassment, "How dare you speak so brazenly against the prefect! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

Several self-righteous spirit manipulators immediately rushed forward at his words, ready to teach Rocky a lesson and incensed that Rocky was not acting according to his station. To them, he was nothing but a ruffian, lower than trash, and should act as such.

The scene devolved into chaos, as Rocky was engulfed by more and more spirit manipulators until he was overwhelmed. Screams echoed from inside the circle of manipulators, and some vivid lights flashed inside, but they couldn't see enough to be sure what was going on.

"Such an idiot! Now, he's getting the lesson he deserves!" The butler smiled and leaned back with great satisfaction, and he looked very much like a cat that got the cream.

Suddenly, the guards inside the circle retreated backward, fluttering like panicked birds. He straightened in confusion and strained his neck to look at what was happening. Lo and behold, it was Rocky who was supposed to be getting a beating, and he was standing confidently and without any visible injuries. Instead, it was his spirit manipulators who were scattered on the ground, black and blue with blood all over their bodies.

He turned pale as a sheet, especially when Rocky started walking towards the carriage. His head swiveled side to side, looking for back-up.

"What are you standing around for? Stop him!" the butler hurriedly called.

However, none of the guards dared to move. They stared, ashen-faced, at the broken bodies of their comrades that Rocky had easily thrown aside. Besides, even if they wanted to, their feet refused to move in fear as if their shoes had been laced in lead and steel.

By then, Rocky had reached the carriage and was standing right in front of it. He faced the carter who had been cowering at a corner and snarled, "Get off!"

Rocky hadn't even finished shouting when the carter hurr

round. His face reddened in fear and shame and confusion, as he looked up at their furious leader.

"You don't know him? All right, let me introduce him to you! He is the newly appointed Commander in Chief of Crimson Dragon Group and my husband. Watch yourselves!" Isis announced as loud as she could, as she pointed a finger at Rocky.

The noisy crowd suddenly fell silent, their mouths agape in shock at the news. The whole place was as silent as the grave as if no one even dared to breathe.

They had never expected that this young man was the rumored Commander in Chief of Crimson Dragon Army, Lance's son-in-law, and Isis' husband.

Meanwhile, the prefect who had been acting high and mighty earlier, was now on his knees, as his body trembled all over. He reached for Rocky's feet and begged, "I'm sorry for not recognizing you, Commander in Chief! I may have eyes, but I failed to see. Please forgive me! Please!"

"Take him out of my sight," Rocky said coldly, as he swept his eyes across the crowd.

All the people gathered around them gasped at his words.

"How dare you... Think about what you're saying! I work for the eldest prince..." the prefect hastily shouted, with the hope that his patron could save his life at this point.

But Rocky only sneered in response, as he stepped forward and kicked him on his head. As the prefect groaned in pain, he turned to the deputy commander.

"Why are you just standing there? I said, take him away!" The deputy commander immediately nodded and shouted orders to the soldiers.

A couple of them collected their courage and dragged the prefect away.

"Okay, now that the Elite Commander has died, where are the Frontline Commanders?" Rocky asked while looking around, and once again his eyes fell on the deputy commander.

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