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   Chapter 681 A Hidden Danger

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6670

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It stunned Rocky that Lance sided with him. Apparently, Lance trusted him more than he trusted Alston. Even if Alston was the eldest prince and next in line to the throne of the reigning emperor, Lance did not have second thoughts. This was both surprising and unexpected. Given Alston's position as the eldest prince, Lance could have rooted for him. Doing so would earn him favor from the future emperor. Alston was obviously against Rocky, and his decision could put him in a troublesome situation. Nevertheless, Lance stood by Rocky.

Still, Rocky knew that Lance's decision would not change Alston's mind. Alston is ruthless and deceitful. He would do whatever he wanted. Rocky recognized the  evil look on Alston's face.

Alston remained calm and smiled to the surrounding people. He fixed his eyes on Lance and addressed him in a commanding manner. "General Lance, don't worry, I will not replace Commander in Chief Rocky with anyone else. I have decided to go to the front line myself. I will take charge of the Crimson Dragon Army and lead them in the battle against the Timber Deity Empire."

His words shocked the surrounding people, including Lance. It was unexpected for the eldest prince of the Holy Dragon Empire to go to the front line and command the army in person. It was too risky, and his decision was unprecedented.

Rocky saw through Alston's charade and pretension. He remained calm as Alston declared his decision to go to the front line. Alston would not give up on the opportunity to fight against him. He had anticipated Alston's move, and he was right. From the start, Alston had planned to deploy Rocky to the Mont City. It was his deepest desire to command the Crimson Dragon Army and take credit for all its achievements. He could not let Rocky lead the Crimson Dragon Group into victory, especially one against the Timber Deity Empire. If Rocky succeeded in achieving victory against the Timber Deity Empire, he would become a legendary figure in the Holy Drag

usted Lance's decision on the matter. He knew it was a hard decision for Lance and he was in a precarious position. First, he did not have enough powerful forces to wrestle with Alston. Second, his defiance could be used against him by Alston. He knew Alston too well. He was ruthless and cunning. He had to be careful and could not act on impulse.

Rocky knew he had to prepare. The deployment was just the beginning. And now, he needed to convince Alston that his plan was working.

Alston stared at Rocky with an evil look on his face. He knew Rocky had no choice but to go to the Mont City. He thought, 'Boy, how dare you fight against me! You'd better give up now, before it's too late! This is just the beginning. Soon, I will make you beg for death!'

Rocky glanced at Alston then nodded towards Lance. Without a word, he turned around and walked away from the tent.

"Rocky!" Terror-stricken, Isis bowed to Alston and then turned around to chase after Rocky.

The tense atmosphere in the tent had now disappeared.

"Much as I respect the decision of Your Royal Highness, I have to remind you that victory is the only acceptable result of your battle with the Timber Deity Empire!" Lance said to Alston and left.

The Elite Commanders followed and left the tent. Before long, only Alston remained in the tent.

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