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   Chapter 675 A Beautiful Night

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6565

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"All the while we thought that it was just Dunn who leaked the intelligence of the Crimson Dragon Group. Now, we found out that someone else was behind it. The reason why the Timber Deity Empire obtained so much knowledge of the Crimson Dragon Group was because of their spy, Laney. This girl went undercover as the top courtesan of the Geisha House in the Evian City for several months. Numerous commanders of the Crimson Dragon Group became  her guests, and they were the best source of information," Rocky explained briefly.

"How did you know she was a spy?" Isis asked, confused. She never heard about this from him before.

"Alyssa had once sent her to assassinate me, but she failed. After that, she escaped to the Timber Deity Empire," replied Rocky.

Isis and Allen felt uneasy as they grasped the information. They never expected that Alyssa would send people to assassinate Rocky.

"Since Laney had the chance to assassinate you, then you must be one of her distinguished guests, right?" Isis asked. She fixed her eyes on Rocky as if he was a double-crossing husband.

"I met her a few times, and I had a good impression of her. But, I did not expect that she was a spy from the Timber Deity Empire," Rocky answered. He turned his face away as he tried to hide the smile and the red blush that crept on his face as he remembered Laney.

However, the look on Rocky's face did not escape Isis' angry glare.

"This only proves that Alyssa has been targeting you for a long time. No wonder she was so determined to kill you at the desolate village. Not only did you hinder the plan of the Timber Deity Empire, but you also discovered the identity of their spy on the Crimson Dragon Army," said Allen. All of this could explain why Alyssa wanted to kill Rocky.

"You mean Laney is a dangerous woman?" Isis asked after a moment of worry.

"I think Alyssa sent her to the Blood Lord Leo as an emissary of the Timber Deity Empire to prevent him

"Then I have to excuse myself now," Rocky said, but did not move away from her.

"Men are always deceitful, and you're no difference." Laney took  a step forward and was an inch apart from Rocky. Her small hand wandered on his chest expertly.

"You're right. After reading your message, I was eager to see you right away," Rocky said with a playful smile. He made no attempt to stop her wandering hand.

However, it wasn't long before he felt a cold dagger dangerously pressed on his neck.

"Come on, do you have to do this now? It's a beautiful night. Let us not ruin this magical surrounding with my blood," Rocky continued, enticing Laney with his voice.

"I did not expect that you would come. You should know that I really want to kill you. Why are you here?" Laney could not restrain her anger.

"Considering what I did to you, I am aware of the danger in coming here to see you. I have to remind you that you may have lost important things, but I left you alive and breathing," Rocky reminded her in a calm tone.

"Why didn't you kill me?" Laney had been wanting to ask him this question. Her hand trembled as she waited for his answer. She never really figured out why Rocky did not kill her at that time. In her heart Rocky was up to something and she needed to know the reason.

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