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   Chapter 649 High Prospect of Growth

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"Could it be that this spirit-manipulated beast is…? If it really is, it should have some special abilities..." said Alyssa, who seemed to suspect something.

Before the shock that the crowd felt upon seeing Uriah's appearance faded, a silhouette of another robust beast dashed out of the Magic Spiritual Space, and the aura it emitted was also quite powerful. This newly appeared beast was precisely Rubygon.

Rubygon's appearance instantly confirmed the rumor about Rocky's ability to control two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time.

The crowd was once again thrown into a fierce uproar. Those Heavenly Stage masters looked at each other in dismay. They had about the same power as Rocky, but Rocky could do something they could never do their whole lives.

"He can actually control two spirit-manipulated beasts for real," Alyssa said in astonishment. It really was hard to believe. Other people might harbor doubts about it, but she could clearly sense the spiritual power connection between the two spirit-manipulated beasts and Rocky. With the existence of the spiritual power contract between the spirit-manipulated beast and its spirit manipulator, there would also be an invisible, string-like connection between them, though ordinary spirit manipulators wouldn't be able to see it. Normally, only the spiritual race had the ability to see such connections clearly.

Nevertheless, because she was the crossbred descendant of the spiritual and the human race, and thus possessed the bloodline of spiritual race in her body, Alyssa also had this ability. This matter was naturally a top secret of the Timber Deity Empire. According to the treaty of alliance between clans of the spiritual race, members of the spiritual race were not allowed to breed with members of the human race. Anyone breaking the rule would be killed along with their offspring. Besides, the success rate of such crossbreeding was extremely low. In the past few decades, Alyssa was the only crossbred progeny of the spiritual and the human race cultivated by the Wood Clan.

Possessing the bloodline of spiritual race in her body was the very reason Alyssa could reach such an advanced level, which human spirit manipulators would have to consume decades to reach, at such a young age. This unparalleled bloodline was the reason she became so outstanding.

And at this moment, she could clearly sense the subtle spiritual power connections between Uriah, Rubygon, and Rocky.

As the sp

its head and howled. Just like balloons, its limbs swelled twice bigger than before and brought about a violent whirlwind upon them. With a sudden burst of power on its feet, it leaped high and seized this chance to close in on Uriah, who happened to be rushing down towards him.

That its opponent would jump so high caught Uriah by surprise. Although it tried to dodge, one of its legs was still caught by the Steel Armor Panther. Subsequently, the Steel Armor Panther took a spin in the air then flung Uriah to the ground with all its strength.

With a loud bang, a huge crater more than ten meters in diameter was created on the ground, sending dust flying in all directions. The impact was so strong that an ordinary spirit-manipulated beast most likely wouldn't be able to withstand it.

The Steel Armor Panther then took advantage of this moment to dive from the air towards the crater.

Right at this moment, however, a fierce black fireball suddenly zoomed out of the cloud of dust. The Steel Armor Panther suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed the black fireball whole. Right afterward, it burped loudly and let out a puff of black smoke.

Just after the dust dissipated, Uriah climbed out of the crater in a rather miserable condition, seemingly having been thrown down quite hard. However, it was still intact, and its momentum didn't decrease in the slightest.

There was a burst of astonished cries among the crowd. It was hard to imagine that Uriah, whose strength was far lower than the Steel Armor Panther's, could actually fight for so long. Undoubtedly, Uriah was a spirit-manipulated beast with a high prospect of growth!

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