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   Chapter 644 Deliberate Provocation

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Even after several moments, the representatives of the Timber Deity Empire hadn't appeared, so Lance sat down on the chair, which had already been prepared in advance.

Then a figure emerged from the accompanying guards and stood next to Lance.

"I think the peace negotiation should be conducted and finished as soon as possible. I'm worried that the Timber Deity Empire has a different plan..." The figure was Rocky, who was disguised as a guard. In his attempt not to get recognized, Rocky's face was covered with a large helmet. It was difficult to recognize him if one didn't look at him carefully.

"I know." Lance nodded solemnly as he agreed to what Rocky suggested.

Not long after, a group of people appeared at the entrance of the desolate village. Each of them was dressed in clothes with markings of the Timber Deity Empire. In front of the group was a beautiful woman dressed in a lavender dress. She walked with such grace into the village with an imposing aura.

This figure who was leading the people was none other than Alyssa.

The sight of Alyssa made Rocky raise his eyebrows and thought, 'I didn't expect that Alyssa would be such a beautiful lady. She seems to be as pretty and aloof as Sabina, as elegant and gentle as Isis, and as arrogant as Marcia. She really is an attractive, confident woman...'

"Nice to meet you again, Princess Alyssa," Lance greeted as he stood up and stared at Alyssa as she arrived.

"Commander in Chief, please forgive me if I offended you so much last time!" Alyssa uttered in a sarcastic and arrogant voice.

When Lance heard Alyssa's disrespect in her words, his face darkened. He was one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire, but he was chased and blocked by Alyssa. Surely, he had suffered a lot last time. If he were not as powerful as he was, he would have become a prisoner of Alyssa.

"Ha-ha..." Lance forced a laugh and continued, "I have already forgotten it! I can't even remember whether you had offended me or not..." However, Lance seemed not to bear this in his mind and just forcedly smiled. He didn't intend to blame Alyssa. Besides, now, the most important thing was the peace negotiation.

"Why is Commander in Chief Rocky not here?" Woods, who follo

Rocky was watching Alyssa's movements. It was obvious that Alyssa was deliberately provoking Lance.

"Alyssa, there are many chances for you to compete with General Lance in the future. Now, we are negotiating peace. If you two come forward and take action to battle, it will destroy the harmonious atmosphere. How about both sides respectively send five spirit manipulators to fight against each other by using their spirit-manipulated beasts instead? What do you think?" Woods was worried that Alyssa's provocation would bring them trouble. Their purpose was to stall for time, so it was not appropriate for them to act recklessly. They had to be careful.

Alyssa turned to glance at Woods who nodded at her. Although she was deliberately provoking the Crimson Dragon Army, she was also afraid that if she and Lance had a fight, it might bother the Crimson Dragon Army and ruin the peace negotiation. Hence, she had no choice but to say, "Well, I'd like to see how powerful the spirit-manipulated beasts of the Crimson Dragon Army are..."

"What do you think, General Lance?" Woods asked, looking at Lance.

A look of hesitation appeared on Lance's face, because he sensed that something was wrong.

"Are you afraid? Do you think that the spirit-manipulated beasts cultivated in the Timber Deity Empire are better than those of the Holy Dragon Empire? Are you afraid yours are weaker and will lose?" Alyssa said to Lance with a smirk on her lips, deliberately goading him in a sarcastic tone.

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