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   Chapter 643 Let's Negotiate

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Rocky immediately ordered someone to send the suing-for-peace letter to Lance. When Lance received and read it, he rushed to the camp of the Crimson Dragon Group stationed on the border of the Timber Deity Empire.

"Father..." Isis got out of the tent when she found out that Lance was on his way to meet her. She greeted him as soon as she saw him dismounting from his Roaring-thunder Dragon.

"Isis, my dear," Lance said. He was very happy to see Isis. He then asked, "Where is Rocky?"

"He is in the tent. He is discussing how to arrange the troops with Allen and the other commanders," she replied seriously.

Lance nodded at her and entered the tent with Isis.

"Commander in Chief!" When they saw Lance, Allen and the several other commanders bowed and greeted him.

"Commander... Father," Rocky said as he stood up. He wanted to call him Commander in Chief as usual, but he chose to call him father instead. He did not want Lance to be suspicious.

"You've done a great job these days! You actually forced the Timber Deity Empire to make peace in such a short period of time." Lance praised Rocky. He walked over to Rocky, patted him on the shoulder. He was obviously in a good mood.

Everyone took their seats. Rocky gave his seat to Lance and sat beside Isis.

"Father, do you think we should agree to the peace request of the Timber Deity Empire?" Isis asked while she looked at Lance.

"Since the Timber Deity Empire has intended to make negotiations for peace, we should agree to it. If we don't, it will definitely affect the reputation of the Holy Dragon Empire. Besides, winning and losing is inevitable during wars between two countries. What we don't want is to get things in an impasse," Lance answered thoughtfully.

"However, I'm worried that the Timber Deity Empire doesn't really want to make peace. I feel like they are just trying to buy time," Allen said apprehensively.

"Even if the Timber Deity Empire can delay the battle for two or three days, the result would remain the same with their current military forces. The Timber Deity Empire will be defeated by Rocky this time. Therefore, we sho

r with a smile, which made her feel shy.

"It turns out that you worry about me so much. I'm so happy," Rocky joked.

"You..." Isis stared at Rocky angrily when she realized that Rocky was just teasing her. Her cheeks were flushed which made her look seductive.

"I never thought you would be shy after you got married," Allen said with a smile.

And with Allen's comment came a burst of laughter in the tent.

"I'll take a rest," Isis said as she stared at Rocky. She left in a hurry with her blushing face.

The Crimson Dragon Army had already agreed to make peace, so they stopped attacking the defensive line of the Timber Deity Empire. However, the Crimson Dragon Army still maintained their defense to prevent the Timber Deity Empire from attacking. Besides, they were ready to fight according to the secret plan arranged by Rocky. If the negotiation failed, they would immediately try their best to attack the defensive line of the Timber Deity Empire which would make it a decisive battle.

The time for negotiation had arrived. The Crimson Dragon Army decided the place of negotiation, so they chose a desolate village near their camp. The Crimson Dragon Army, for safety's sake, had also sent people one day before the negotiation to roam around the village to monitor the situation.

At noon, Lance, Allen and several members of the Elite Regiment came to the desolate village accompanied by guards.

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