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   Chapter 642 The Biggest Sensation

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7160

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By the time the five thousand soldiers arrived at the Misty Plain, Rocky had already withdrawn from there. He and his troops had joined the rest of the Crimson Dragon Army that continued to attack the right wing.

This marked the fifth day of the battle between the two forces. The defensive line of the Timber Deity Empire was on the verge of collapse. It seemed the outcome was tipping in favor of the Crimson Dragon Army.

Additionally, the news that it took Rocky only five days to break through the defensive line of the Timber Deity Empire spread like wildfire, immediately causing a stir.

Lance, upon hearing this news, was decidedly pleased yet surprised. He didn't expect Rocky would break through the Timber Deity Empire's defensive line so soon. He immediately sent messengers to share this exciting battle report to Palace City. The emperor needed to hear this good news as soon as possible.

Once Palace City caught wind of this, Rocky once again became the talk of the city. The past few months, the Timber Deity Empire had the upper hand. Yet, in the span of only five days, their defensive line was infiltrated by a nobody!

The Crimson Dragon Army was filled with a sense of pride for having garnered respect for the Holy Dragon Empire, pleasing even the emperor himself. However, what was most important was the fact that the Timber Deity Empire's defensive line was weakened. This signaled the war was coming to an end soon, and that peace would finally reign. Again, the Holy Dragon Empire would defeat the Timber Deity Empire.

Others weren't so pleased to hear the good news. Buff, who was seething with jealousy, immediately mobilized thirty thousand soldiers of the Magic Dragon Army. He didn't want Rocky to win all the glory. As soon as his troops were ready, he led his army to attack the left wing of Timber Deity Empire's defensive line.

In the two days that followed, the Timber Deity Empire's defensive line was weakened even more, what with being attacked from both the left and the right. Alyssa did her best to hold the Crimson Dragon Army off, but she was growing desperate. There was no room for

a suing-for-peace letter from Timber Deity Empire. He then summoned Isis, Allen, and several other Elite Commanders.

"Isis, what do you think?" Rocky turned to look at her.

"Obviously, the Timber Deity Empire can't contend with us anymore. It's not unusual they'd sue for peace when they're on the losing end," Isis replied after some thought.

"Head Allen, what do you think?" Rocky asked, turning to look at Allen.

"I think they may not be sincere, especially considering how stubborn they were before," Allen replied as he scratched his chin. He had a bad feeling about this.

"What about you guys? What do you think?" Rocky turned to the other Elite Commanders.

They all exchanged glances uncertainly, then said, "If we can, let's end this war. We did invest a lot of manpower and material resources these past few months. If we keep on fighting, it will do us no good..."

"But if we agree, doesn't that give a chance for the Timber Deity Empire to retaliate?"

"I think we'd better continue to fight until they can't strike back, just in case."

"No! We should seize the chance to impose compensation conditions on the Timber Deity Empire..."

The Elite Commanders continued to argue amongst themselves.

With each opinion that was thrown at Rocky, he sighed and studied the letter before him. "I think," he cleared his throat authoritatively, "that we should let the Commander in Chief decide."

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