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   Chapter 589 Powerful Aura

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The scene stupefied all the Commanders and Evian City soldiers. They looked at each other, unable to speak in their astonishment.

They continued to watch as the colorful lights turned into the figures of a man and a beast. They trembled as they beheld the beast in all its brilliance.

A horn stood on its head, clear as the brightest day. Clouds and mists surged and gathered beneath it. The spiritual power around its body formed a spiritual belt. It floated in the air in seven colors. Its thin unicorn-like body had grown taller and sturdier. Its four limbs were slender and strong, and the beast shadow gave off the aura of a four-star spiritual beast.

"After reaching adulthood, it has the power of a four-star spiritual beast. No wonder it is a peerless spiritual beast," Sabina exclaimed in awe. She let out a breathless gasp, as she sensed its power.

Even Sabina, who had been calm in the beginning, was amazed by the transformation of the spiritual beast.

Meanwhile, the others were rendered speechless by shock. All the Commanders and Evian City guards were completely still, as they stared at the beast with horrified expressions.

Even the Huge-horned Rhinoceros that passed through the collapsed high wall suddenly stopped moving forward. It unintentionally blocked the gap, which also blocked the Timber Deity Empire soldiers who were about to rush in.

The man and the beast were none other than Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

"Hey, you!" Rocky saw the Huge-horned Rhinoceros that was standing tall amidst the damaged wall. He hastily turned to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and gestured to the Huge-horned Rhinoceros.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn raised its head and hissed threateningly. It landed right in front of the Huge-horned Rhinoceros. Compared with the huge body of the Huge-horned Rhinoceros, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn looked petite, but it gave off a stronger aura. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn regarded it as a weak subject, arrogance evident on its domineering posture. Meanwhile, the Huge-horned Rhinoceros seemed almost meek, as if it was addressing an emperor instead of an enemy.

Once the Rainbow Glow Unicorn got close enough to the Huge-horned Rhinoceros, the horn on top of its head discharged a strong spiritual light. It sparked like a laser toward the Huge-horned Rhinoceros. The short distance and speed made it hard to dodge. The Huge-horned Rhinoceros just stood in its way and wa

is a trouble maker outside, so we don't have to waste our troops here," Rocky said indifferently.

The Commanders looked at each other in confusion. From the start, Rocky had surprised and shocked them at every turn. They were not able to respond for a moment.

While the soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire dealt with the violent Huge-horned Rhinoceros, Rocky and the Commanders and the Evian City guards quickly retreated from the main entrance and pushed the defensive line a few meters back.

The Huge-horned Rhinoceros was a spirit-manipulated beast that was very difficult to deal with. It had a very strong defensive power and impact force. Woods knew that if they didn't quickly deal with it, it would exhaust his soldiers. It also gave more time for the Evian City guards to strengthen their defense. He exhaled harshly and ordered his soldiers to kill the beast.

As they marched inside the abandoned gate, Woods surveyed his army. They had lost one of their Huge-horned Rhinoceroses. It was a big loss, but they soldiered on. The victory was right before their eyes. It was a sure success, once he got his army inside the camp.

Before long, the main entrance of the camp had completely broken down. Woods led his eight thousand soldiers into the camp, while he left two thousand soldiers to guard the main gate. This way, the Evian City guards would not be able to escape.

As far as Woods was concerned, only death was waiting for their enemies. The attacks of the Timber Deity Empire soldiers would pound them until there was nothing left. Only the heavens would know how they could defend themselves.

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