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   Chapter 588 Strange Phenomenon

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Liam was now at the Heavenly Stage, and he successfully overpowered Marin. She was in a worrisome and dangerous situation. Marin had been injured just now, so, it was impossible for her to deflect any more attack from Liam. At that moment, Verdanim saw Marin was in danger, it let out a loud dragon roar and stretched out its wings. It seemed to be trying to intimidate and warn whoever tried to hurt Marin. It raised its huge body and even used it to block the two strong spiritual powers.

Bang! Bang!

Verdanim's chest collided with the two spiritual powers in the air. As the lightning flashed, Verdanim let out a pained scream, its body shaking violently. The dragon stopped moving, and stayed silent and immobile until it finally fell down straightly to the ground. It then lay there, unmoving.

"Verdanim..." Marin was stunned and horrified, but she couldn't do anything else but fall to the ground along with Verdanim. She stared at Rocky who was not far away from her, biting her pink lips tightly and looking frustrated.


Both Marin and Verdanim fell to the main gate of the base camp, stirring up dust all over the air. Both bodies stayed limp and unmoving. Seeing that no one stopped him, Liam immediately approached Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Below the main gate, Sabina was fighting several Timber Deity Empire's masters at the Heavenly Stage. She was all wounds and pent up frustration. Seeing that Marin was unable to resist Liam's attack, she squinted her cold eyes and sent a strong chilling power to hit the two masters at the Heavenly Stage nearby. At the same time, she gave an indirect order to Duchess Silver.

Duchess Silver instantly flew towards Sabina.

Sabina immediately jumped on Duchess Silver's back and chased after Liam. However, Liam was already only a few feet away from Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, so Sabina thought she wouldn't catch up to him.

All the while, with all the chaos surrounding him, Rocky concentrated on stimulating and bringing out the Sea Blue Magic Jade's spiritual power. If he stopped now, he would be the one suffering in the end. The consequences were unthinkable. He needed to keep on working on the task at hand.

Since Marin went away to fight Liam, Uriah, which stayed nearby to protect Rocky, had to fight against several flying spirit-manipulated beasts that attacked it, so it was busy dealing with them at the moment. There was no one left to protect Rocky while he tried to stimulate the Sea Blue Magic Jade.

Liam was already close enough to kill Rocky, his palm about to strike with the momentum of Rolling Thunder. He wasted no time and directly struck Rocky's chest, his eyes flashing a strong killing intent and a ferocious gleam. It was obvio

tack again and they might break through the main gate anytime now..." Sabina turned to look at the main gate.

Hearing her news, Marin was surprised but she was more worried.

At that moment, the Commanders and the soldiers in the Evian City were all extremely uneasy because they knew that the Timber Deity Empire troops might break through and conquer the city any second.

It didn't take long before the base camp's main gate finally gave the smallest hint of collapsing and a fissure gradually appeared. It could be faintly seen that the troops of the Timber Deity Empire could not wait to launch an all-out offensive.

"Commander Wang, prepare to fight..." Sabina and Marin returned to the spot where the soldiers of Evian City were waiting to be sent out into the battle field.

Commander Wang nodded immediately, and with determination in his eyes, he ordered the two thousand soldiers to form a defensive formation.

Sabina and Marin stood in front of the soldiers, looking unwavering and confident. Their behaviors made the morale of the Evian City's soldiers improve a lot.

The main gate of the base camp suddenly burst forcefully with a strong noise. A tall wall at the west of the main gate could not hold the impact and collapsed with a loud crash, creating large breach. A Huge-horned Rhinoceros rushed in fiercely like a hungry mutt about to get its first treat.

Seeing the Huge-horned Rhinoceros finally breaking into the camp, the Timber Deity Empire's troops immediately followed it aggressively, trying to rush in through the opening.

But all of a sudden, a colorful bright light appeared, blinding the soldiers from the Timber Deity Empire while also blocking the Huge-horned Rhinoceros from invading the base camp. It seemed the light was protecting the base camp and everyone inside from the enemy.

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