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   Chapter 587 Asked For Death

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Seeing this, Woods who was commanding the troops of Timber Deity Empire had a straight face. There were over ten thousand military forces of the Timber Deity Empire and they couldn't even deal with a single person or a beast.

"Liam, you guys go kill that spiritual beast. Don't let it proceed further." Woods also sensed that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was a threat to five Huge-horned Rhinoceroses. Only if he could kill the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, the five Huge-horned Rhinoceroses would be able to return to normal.

"Killed? Seriously! Your Royal Highness, the spiritual beast is very rare. It would be a shame to even decide to kill it." Hearing this, Liam also felt a little pity.

The other spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage also nodded indicating their agreement.

"Do you want me to repeat it?" Woods glared as he said.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness," Liam answered hurriedly and saluted as Woods got angry in the situation. Then he and several spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage showed up together and approached the main entrance of the camp.

Two spirit manipulator squads were gathered under the main entrance of the camp to look up at the man and the beast above the massive main door.

"Move! We need to hurry," ordered Liam. They immediately exerted their own spiritual martial arts as a striking team.

"Rushing Thunder!"

"Cloudy Mountain Palm..."

"Spiritual Finger!"

Within no time, all spiritual martial arts rushed towards the man and the beast above the gate. It looked like fierce magical forces that moved through the air.

Seeing all the spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage attack together, Sabina's face changed slightly. She looked cold and struck by the incident. But she immediately patted on Duchess Silver's head. Duchess Silver raised its head and shouted furiously. In a flash, their spiritual radiance shone with each other like a magical mist. Then a fierce snowstorm burst out and the momentum was astonishing. It rushed towards the spiritual martial arts forces of those spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The magical lights flashed and vibrated constantly in the air. Sabina had extraordinary strength as she had blocked all the spiritual martial arts of masters at the Heavenly Stage.

At the same time, few spirit-manipulated beasts with flight ability rose up to the top and bypassed Sabina. They rushed towards Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn from all directions.

By seeing this Sabina was in rage, she gave several ice palm in succession to win over and tried to force the

Liam due to her primary level of power.

However, Marin was still gritting her teeth and didn't make a sound. She insisted on staying with Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. She knew that the best option would be stay her ground.

However, Liam did not intend to give Marin a chance. He attacked with all his strength, forces of spiritual martial arts surging wildly. Liam had no mercy for Marin at that moment.

Marin was petite and slender. Her whole body was enveloped in spiritual light and she waved all her strength to withstand the spiritual martial arts of Liam one after another. She tried hard with all her defense mechanisms to resist Liam.

However after a short while, Marin was hit by the spiritual martial arts force of Liam on her left shoulder due to her inferior strength. Suddenly she spat out a mouthful of blood, seeming to be badly hurt. Her body shrunk and face turned ill.

By this time, Liam had already passed through Marin's obstruction, and approached the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and Rocky, accumulating strength to attack. However, his eyes were staring at the Sea Blue Magic Jade in Rocky's hand, with greed and ambition flashing in his eyes.

"I won't allow you to hurt them. I'm here to protect," yelled Marin. Marin was anxious seeing that Liam was about to attack Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. She struggled on her feet and let Verdanim catch up with Liam again.

"If you want to be killed, I'll do you a favor!" shouted Liam ferociously. His face covered by an aura of sternness as he saw Marin approaching to attack. Then he turned over his palms and two flashes of spiritual power rushed out like wild dragons. The spiritual glaze enveloped Marin and Verdanim at the same time...

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