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   Chapter 586 Begin To Mutate

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The people's attention gravitated to Rocky, or more precisely, at his hand. He had suddenly taken out the Sea Blue Magic Jade, a very rare treasure. Generally speaking, no one would easily show off rare treasures, because it would surely make others jealous. The people's eyes lingered at the rare jade, as they wondered what Rocky was planning to do with it.

"What kind of treasure is that?" Even Woods, who was not a spirit manipulator, could sense that the Sea Blue Magic Jade in Rocky's hand was an extraordinary rare treasure.

"I don't know, but it must be a rare treasure. What on earth is going on?" Liam was reeling in shock from the unexpected events that transpired. A rare spiritual beast had shown up all of a sudden, and then Rocky also brought out a rare treasure. He didn't know what the rare treasure was for, but he was sure that it was bound to be a wonder.

Of course, the Commanders and spirit manipulators of the Timber Deity Empire eyed the rare treasure greedily. They drooled over the Sea Blue Magic Jade like a morsel of delicious food. It was a good thing, but they were in the army and had to watch their actions. Otherwise, they would have rushed forward to snatch the treasure.

Under the spectators' watchful gaze, Rocky turned to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn with the Sea Blue Magic Jade in his hand. The moment that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn laid eyes on the rare treasure, it made a joyful noise in its excitement.

However, Rocky didn't immediately approach. He glanced at Sabina with a hesitant look, as if he was having second thoughts. After all, he didn't know the function of the Sea Blue Magic Jade. He had never used it since he obtained it. This was why he hesitated now. He was worried that it could have a negative effect once it was absorbed by the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Sabina seemed to notice Rocky's worry. She met his eyes with her steady eyes and nodded at him. She also uttered, "The spiritual power of the Sea Blue Magic Jade is nourished by the essence of heaven and earth, so it is pure and will not have any impact. However, since such spiritual power is very strong, you should be careful not to get hurt. Remember that you should be composed and prudent. The Sea Blue Magic Jade may have accepted you as its owner, but you can't control it completely with your current strength."

"I got it." Relief

e for the Evian City's garrison to build up energy and strengthen their defenses. Woods would never give the Evian City's soldiers any chance to counterattack. The single misstep in their plan could cause the whole situation to go against them.

"Give them my order to beat that spiritual beast down in whatever way they could," Woods ordered in a cold voice.

The Commander of the Timber Deity Empire immediately left to carry out Woods' order.

Before long, waves of flaming arrows were shot by the Timber Deity Empire troops. They flew toward Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn who were on the top of the main gate.

Since the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was in the transformation stage, it must not be disturbed. As for Rocky, he was busy activating the Sea Blue Magic Jade's spiritual power. Without him, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn could not absorb its power. On the other side of the main gate, Evian City's soldiers watched helplessly, unable to defend them.

Sabina noticed that the Timber Deity Empire troops had focused their attack on Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. With a severe frown, she immediately drove Duchess Silver toward Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. A strong cyclone spread around her. Its strong winds easily blew the countless arrows away.

It continued for several attacks. The arrows were shot and then blown away by Sabina's cyclone. It gradually became apparent that Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn were unhurt. On the contrary, some of the Timber Deity Empire soldiers were hit by the wayward arrows. There were many casualties...

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