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   Chapter 585 A Change In The Rainbow Glow Unicorn

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"What? Is this some sort of peerless spiritual beast?" exclaimed the well-informed Commander Wang with an exaggerated expression as soon as he saw the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn was a rare spirit-manipulated beast, and no one had seen it before. However, from the colorful glow on its body, one could tell that it was not an ordinary spirit-manipulated beast.

It was not just Commander Wang, but Marin and all the other Commanders were also shocked to see the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, and they didn't know what just happened.

At this moment, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, which was about to get to the main gate, suddenly burst into a colorful glow. The glow was indeed dazzling, and then a cloud of mist appeared beneath its feet. It suddenly rose up into the air and reached the top of the gate.

At the same time, Rocky, who was running after the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, saw the beast flying high in the sky. His eyes widened as he saw the strange state the beast was in. Then something dawned on him and he murmured in surprise, "Is the Rainbow Glow Unicorn growing into its adulthood?"

In general, when a spirit-manipulated beast entered its adulthood, it showed obvious features and it would be easy for people to tell its star and grade. Of course, the aptitude of it would also show a great increase, and there would be even unforeseeable change. A spiritual beast, in particular, would not only strengthen its own aptitude, but also would enhance its abilities when it reached the adult state. Entirely new abilities might even begin to appear.

For example, when Uriah accidentally ate the yellow spiritual crystal, it suddenly began to grow up. As a result, its ability to produce the magical saliva was improved. Later, when Uriah reached the third grade of the three-star level, it suddenly had the power of Fire nature. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to estimate the potential of a spiritual beast.

It was well known that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was a rare beast which was even ranked third in the Spiritual Beast List. Its strong talent was undeniable.

Therefore, nobody knew exactly what changes would happen to it when it reached adulthood. Of course, Rocky was also looking forwa

cky asked after careful consideration.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn suddenly raised its head.

"But how would you like me to help you? Offer you my spiritual power?" Rocky asked promptly seeing that he had guessed it right. When Uriah's star rating was about to get enhanced, it was Rocky's spiritual power that had aided it to upgrade.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn then shook its head.

"No?" Rocky was perplexed.

"Take out your Sea Blue Magic Jade." Suddenly, a sweet voice came all the way from behind Rocky.

As Rocky turned around, he saw Sabina approaching him on the back of Duchess Silver.

"The Sea Blue Magic Jade?" Rocky asked in confusion.

"The Rainbow Glow Unicorn is not your spirit-manipulated beast, so it couldn't absorb your spiritual power. However, the spiritual power of the Sea Blue Magic Jade was gained from the essence of heaven and earth, meaning any spirit-manipulated beast could absorb it," Sabina explained with detail.

"So that's how it is." Rocky suddenly had an essence of realization. Now, since he and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn hadn't done the work of spiritual power connection, his spiritual power couldn't be absorbed by the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Hearing her words, Rocky immediately took out the palm-sized Sea Blue Magic Jade. As soon as the Sea Blue Magic Jade was taken out, strong spiritual power instantly began to spread all around. At the next moment, everyone's eyes glued on to the Sea Blue Magic Jade in Rocky's hand.

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