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   Chapter 583 The Crazy Attacking Plan

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At the same time, under the command of Woods, the Timber Deity Empire army who were stationed at the north and the south gates, rushed to the headquarters of the Crimson Dragon Group and surrounded it.

Soon, Woods and several other Commanders led over three thousand troops, and arrived at the main gate of the headquarters. Meanwhile, its west and north gates were surrounded by another four thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire respectively.

"Your Royal Highness, the current headquarters of the Crimson Dragon Group has been completely surrounded by us. Those guards of the Evian City are trapped and it's impossible for them to escape. We must let them know how powerful we are..." one of the Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire, who was next to Woods, immediately shouted. He looked very excited. It seemed that he was exasperated because the mighty army of his own empire was set up by Rocky resulting in the loss of thousands of soldiers.

The other Commanders also revealed a look of righteous indignation. Even with their greater advantage, the guards of the Evian City were successful in setting up them earlier. Not only did they suffer heavy losses, but their enemies also managed to reoccupy the headquarters of the Crimson Dragon Group, and even built a defensive barrier there.

On the other hand, Woods, the Commander in Chief of the army of the Timber Deity Empire was quiet and calm. His eyes looked cold and sharp. The reason that his empire had suffered such a great loss, in fact, was also partly due to his inability to assess his enemies. If he had been more cautious before, he might not have made such a mistake. Of course, it never came to his mind that Rocky would make an intervention this time. Moreover, Rocky was able to inflict such a heavy blow on the Timber Deity Empire army in such a short period of time. If it wasn't for the huge disparity between the original military forces of the two sides, it was likely that the Timber Deity Empire would lose the battle again.

However, it was difficult to change the fact. Besides, Woods was well aware that his opponent this time was Rocky, the man who had defeated him at the Hippo Land and also made his army suffer several defeats. He was like a nightmare for the whole Timber Deity Empire. Therefore, in the face of such an opponent, Woods must be prepared to go all out. A minor

because I want to directly hurt the morale of the Holy Dragon Empire's guards. If we could break open the main gate, which itself is the hardest target, then the morale of the city guards will definitely get affected. Their military forces are greatly different from ours, and if they lose their fighting morale, they will definitely fall like a pack of cards." A trace of shrewdness flashed through Woods' eyes. Sometimes, to win battles, mere knowledge about the military tactics or strategies was not enough and crushing the enemies by manipulating their mental state was also important. The reason that the city guards could annihilate seven or eight thousand forces of the Timber Deity Empire by just using half of their military forces was that they relied on the night raid, the special trick they had, and their powerful mental state. Therefore, he had also thought of using the same way to defeat the confidence of the city's garrison. In this way, it would be impossible for Rocky to lead a group of people who were lacking in confidence to defend the city.

The Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire felt that their prince was actually making sense, but they still felt it strange and illogical. However, since the prince insisted on fighting his way, they couldn't say no, despite their difference of opinion.

"Get ready right now. If the five Huge-horned Rhinoceroses attack them repeatedly, we should be able to break through the main gate very soon," Woods said firmly.

The Commanders still looked at each other in dismay before retreating to prepare for the attack.

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