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   Chapter 581 The Savior

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"For the last time? Are you willing to be friends with me if we were ordinary people?" Woods asked suddenly. He looked at Rocky sharply.

"It seems impossible at the moment." Rocky shrugged indifferently. He looked at the distance with his hands held behind his back.

"I think there are many similarities between us. Unfortunately, we were rivals when we first met each other." Woods sighed. He was looking at Rocky, but he didn't seem keen to meet his eyes.

"Similarities? Really?" Rocky looked at Woods in surprise. That was the last thing that he had expected for Woods to notice.

Woods nodded assuredly. He was sure that if they had met in different circumstances, he would have been friends with Rocky.

"Frankly speaking, we do have some similarities." Rocky frowned thoughtfully. He and Woods were both princes. However, he was not a real prince anymore.

At this time, a commotion sounded from the streets below. A group of people were rushing toward the tower, their flames were flickering like stars in the darkness of the night.

"Your men are not as slow as I expected. They came so quickly." Rocky gazed down at the ruckus they were causing. His eyebrows raised in surprise when he ascertained that they were Woods' soldiers.

"You can continue to hold me as a hostage and buy some time," Woods suggested. Rocky wondered why he wanted to stay longer but didn't linger in that thought. He focused on the battle that was up ahead.

"I've already won enough time. When you call in the forces of the north and the south gates and surround the base camp, the battle will be almost over. It will be time for a decisive battle," Rocky said seriously. His brows were furrowed while he looked around them warily.

"Are you going to lead the garrisons to defend Evian City? You're likely to fail as I will also do my best to take it." Woods' hesitation showed on his face. After all, he didn't want to fight with Rocky to their deaths. He felt that unless a miracle appeared, there was no chance for the garrisons to keep the city.

"If you are so confident, you can try!" Rocky provoked him with a self-assured smirk.

"Of course, I will succeed. You better be careful," Woods answered with the same confident

the start, they were suspicious of Rocky's plan. They all thought of him as mad and not the genius that he truly was. As the plans unfolded after them, they began to admire Rocky for his military strategies. That was why despite their fears, they no longer dared to question Rocky. They knew that without him, no one could hold Evian City.

"Timber Deity Empire will soon surround the base camp. Our next step is to defend it with all our might. We cannot let the enemy in," Rocky said with a somber look. Woods would not make the same mistake again, so the only thing the city garrisons could do now was to defend the base camp.

The commanders stared at Rocky in shock. They looked at each other and waited for the others to comment. With less than four thousand soldiers, it was almost impossible to defend against the attacks of Timber Deity Empire. After all, they still had more than ten thousand troops.

"Everyone has to follow my orders. There is no room for mistake, understood?" Rocky finished with a question. He stared at them intently, as he waited for them to air their concerns. His tone and manner were that of a king who could conquer the world with just his word. It was obvious he would not tolerate petty mistakes or disobedience.

The commanders looked at each other in speechless despair but nodded in the end. Rocky was their last hope. Even if they had their doubts and misgivings, they had no choice but to trust and obey him. He was their only chance of survival.

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