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   Chapter 580 Pretty Cherished

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Rocky held Woods tightly, as he flew to a ten-meter-high tower not far from the base camp. From there, they could see the base camp that was overrun with flames and people.

"What's going on?" Woods stared in shock at the chaotic scene in front of them.

"The whole base camp is now surrounded by the guards of Evian City," Rocky explained calmly. Woods hungrily took in the noise of the commotion, the smoke, and flames that almost reached where they stood.

"What?" Woods immediately shook his head in denial and said, "That's impossible! Haven't the city guards already withdrawn from Evian City? I also gave the order to the whole city after I entered. I haven't seen any traces of the city guards. Where did the rest come from?"

"If you had realized where they were coming from, all my plans would have been in vain." The corner of Rocky's mouth twitched as if he was hiding a smirk.

"Your plan..." Woods froze for a moment, but he quickly recovered and said, "Have you been secretly commanding the garrison of Evian City since the beginning?"

"No. Evian City had almost fallen by the time I arrived. Fortunately, your men had retreated by nightfall. Otherwise, I couldn't have saved the city," Rocky said with a shake of his head.

"You were the one who attacked our army at that time!" Woods suddenly exclaimed. He stood up straighter, as he remembered the events from that time.

Rocky tilted his head in assent but otherwise stayed quiet.

"But how did you hide the guards of Evian City?" Woods asked once again. He couldn't figure out how Rocky made the guards of Evian City disappear and re-appear under the watchful eyes of the people. They even ambushed the base camp!

"The only solution is to dig a few underground tunnels under Evian City." Rocky finally offered with a small hidden smile. He was quite amused to see Woods stunned by his tactics.

"Tunnels? How could the guards dig a tunnel that can accommodate thousands of people in such a short time?" Woods marveled at the tactic Rocky had employed. No ordinary person would have thought of such a thing.

"I have my ways! Now, we're going to watch a good show. Your men won't come after us so quickly," Rocky said confidently. H

e of murderous intent from you. I'm sure that you won't kill me." It seemed that Woods could see right through Rocky's plans.

"I can't hide anything from you, can I? I don't intend to kill you, because your sister will surely not let me go if I kill you. I am not stupid enough to provoke a master of the Divine Stage for the sake of the Crimson Dragon Group," Rocky said bluntly. He could imagine what would happen if he killed Woods. He would become an enemy of the entire Timber Deity Empire. Moreover, Woods' elder sister was a master of the Divine Stage, and she was not someone to be trifled with.

"Lance is one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire, but he didn't know the value of a genius like you. You are wasted in the logistic camp. However, I didn't expect you to help the Crimson Dragon Army again. I would have been careful if I knew you were my opponent," Woods sighed dejectedly. He had been too careless this time. He had mistakenly believed that Rocky would not help the Crimson Dragon Army anymore, but it turned out that Rocky still made a move.

"As I said, I didn't do this for the Crimson Dragon Army," replied Rocky calmly.

"It does not matter why you made your move. The fact is that if you guard Evian City, it is equivalent to siding with the Crimson Dragon Army. Even if you did not do it for them, in the end, you still helped the Crimson Dragon Army," Woods confessed.

"Well, this is the last time," Rocky said, shrugging.

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