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   Chapter 571 He Caused Quite A Stir!

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8234

Updated: 2020-03-27 00:12

After Sabina took over the command authority of the Evian City, unity was reflected among the camaraderie of the Commanders. They themselves were able to realize how their solidarity was much better than before. Nevertheless, all of them felt at ease because they thought as though the heavy burdens on their shoulders were lifted and transferred to Sabina instead. The Commanders felt unbounded thinking that they would no longer be blamed if they could not defend the city.

Of course, Sabina knew what was on the Commanders' minds, but the city was currently in danger. What they thought hardly mattered. All Sabina thought was if no one stood up to lead, the city would be lost without any doubt. Moreover, there was another reason why she took over the command authority of the city: it's because of her little hunch. She was expecting something from someone. It was weird and unanticipated. What drove her to that expectation baffled her as well.

Because of Sabina's presence and command, all the Commanders were enthusiastic. The Commanders offered advice actively, and even recommended themselves to offer their service. Most of them wanted to show off their skills and impress Sabina. However, only a few of the Elite Commanders knew a little about the background of Sabina, while the rest of the Commanders did not know her background at all. Because of her identity alone as a strong warrior at the Supernal Stage, she was able to outperform all the others.

"Commander Wang, how many soldiers are there left in the Evian City after today's battle?" Sabina asked immediately after she and Sheridan sat down to take a break.

"About eight thousand," Commander Wang responded, cupping his hands.

"Eight thousand? How about that of the enemy?" Sabina continued after thinking a while.

"More than twenty thousand," Commander Wang answered after a moment of hesitation. He didn't need to elaborate just how much advantage the enemy had with this much manpower.

"So, we don't even have half of the military power of the Timber Deity Empire?" Sabina raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She had expected the difference in their military power, but the gap was much larger than she had imagined. It was also crucial to note that the Timber Deity Empire had five giant Huge-horned Rhinoceros that were as powerful as divine weapons on the battlefield. The five rhinoceros were able to break any defense line for the Timber Deity Empire, making

ang was in a dilemma. At such a critical moment, he had no one to spare and assign to the prefect to arrest anyone. However, if this person who took down the gate was a spy from the Timber Deity Empire, he couldn't just sit still and do nothing. This would put the people and the city at great risk.

Commander Wang was lost in a hesitation. Just then, a deep and familiar voice came from outside, "Who wants to arrest me?"

When the people in the room heard the sound, they immediately turned their heads and saw a figure walking in with his hands clasped behind his back. The man was wearing a cold and ruthless face. His tall figure looked restrained and intimidating.

"Prefect, it's him! It's him!" the captain screamed and pointed at the man walking towards them. He was trembling with fear at the sight of the figure.

When the Commanders saw who was coming, they had different reactions. Most of them were surprised, as the comer was an unexpected visitor.

As soon as they were able to see who it was, Sabina's cold face suddenly became a little warmer, and a faint smile played at the corners of her mouth. Her smile was so genuine, and you could tell it from how her smile reached her eyes.

"Brat, it's about time! You're finally here!" Sheridan laughed.

The one who showed up abruptly was no other than Rocky.

As for the prefect, he soon recognized that Rocky was the mysterious young man who had fought with him. It annoyed him how much trouble he went through because of Rocky. Moreover, it was also Rocky who had shown him the Crimson Dragon Token before. Because of this, he, too, was startled to see him.

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