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   Chapter 569 It Would Be Tough

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Rocky was taken aback by what Sue said. He had never expected that she would be so confident of him. He heaved a slight sigh.

"I'm not God. I don't think I can save this city under such a situation. Don't expect such extraordinary things from me," Rocky went straight to the point. There's no use beating around the bush.

Sue looked away, as she felt a little sad upon his words.

"You brat! I know you're a modest man but we need hope. And now, it seems that no one can save us in this city. Someone told me that Lance was attacked by Timber Deity Empire on the way here, I hope he is safe and unharmed..." Sheridan mumbled, suddenly sounding sober.

"I don't have any idea about what happened to him," Rocky answered while shaking his head, disbelieving all the misfortunes that had come their way. A moment ago, Commander Wang gave the Crimson Dragon Token to him, and mentioned that it was Lance's order. By doing so, Lance passed the message that something bad had taken place unexpectedly, and he was unable to make it to Evian City as planned.

"I know you're here to pick up Sue. You need to hurry. Please take off as soon as possible. The enemy's at the door. Since Lance couldn't do it, it's my turn to get the work done," Sheridan grumbled in an imposing manner. A drunken old man he might be but he was still sharp in mind and his senses were always alert.

"Okay, well then. Take the girl with you, Rocky. I'll stay here. I just can't stand by and watch them break the city. Go and wait for me at the north of the city. If we lose, I'll go and join you there," Sabina cut in after thinking for a few seconds, considering all their choices and its consequences. She gave Rocky a determined look, one that would not entertain any arguments.

Rocky got what both of them meant, and he instantly set his mind with the task at hand. He nodded at them and whistled, calling for his majestic beast, and Uriah came down from the sky immediately with a beautiful descent.

"Oh, when did this beast break through to the four-star? So unbelievable!" Sheridan exclaimed, shocked by the sudden appearance of Uriah. It had been a while since the last time he saw Rocky's beast, no wonder that he was surprised to see it again. Uriah was flapping its giant flaming wings in the air. Sheridan was left speechless by the beautiful and glorious results of Uriah's mutation.

"Oh, only recently, I guess..." Rocky replied.

"It is indeed a splendid spiritual beast, just like what I said before, and I would like to say that you're so lucky to have such a rare species. It's very talented. Just think about it. It only t

down, and then landed so swiftly.

On the ground, the civilians caught sight of the flames caused by the flying beast. Next they saw a dragon flying down from the sky. Frightened, they scattered in all directions, making an open space on the ground perfect for Uriah's descent.

Uriah took the time to land on the clearing. The civilians around them were stunned. They stopped all their arguments, even the children stopped crying, and all their eyes turned to Uriah and its two riders. No one dared to take any step closer to the beast.

Not far away, the soldiers in front of the gate also saw the beast landing, but they were unable to get a closer look because of the crowd in front of them. But they guessed that it was a spirit-manipulated beast.

Rocky jumped down from Uriah's back, and walked with grace and confidence towards the gate through the parted crowd and stood his ground without outwardly speaking his power, leaving the crowd astounded. Soon, he came face to face with the city guards.

"Open the gate..." Rocky told to the soldiers coldly. He didn't raise his voice, and it remained monotone and he sounded calm but there was power and pressure in his words.

"Who the hell are you? Fuck off!" The tall thin man, who looked like the leader of the troop and also a spirit manipulator, challenged Rocky. He burst into curses as soon as he heard Rocky order them to open the gate of the city so arrogantly without looking him in the eye. Of course, he was not able to detect Rocky's hidden power because he was so consumed by the thought that he was more powerful than anyone there.

Rocky narrowed his eyes, and the captain immediately sensed the overwhelming power coming from him. He stepped away from Rocky subconsciously.

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