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   Chapter 564 Safeguard The Gate

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 9251

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All of a sudden, sand flew in the air and the blood flowed like rivers. Screams and cries filled the air, you could almost sniff the smell of death. The cruelty of the war was undeniable at that moment.

On the other side, the Deputy Commander had also arrived at the meeting room. He walked firmly towards and reported to the Commanders, who were in the middle of a serious discussion about battle strategies. Their voices were low and serious. When the Deputy Commander joined them, he then reported to them about how Marin led her army to fight the enemies.

This revelation shocked the Commanders. At first, they assumed Marin was bluffing again, but the Deputy Commander told them that she had secretly trained five thousand soldiers last night. This confirmation made them realize that she was serious this time.

The mentioned five thousand troops were about one third of the Evian City's forces, which were responsible for protecting the city. If they let Marin horse around, losing so many warriors would definitely cost them a lot, which would obviously be a bad thing for the city!

"Let's go and have a look. We can't let Commander Marin mess around like this anymore..." Commander Wang immediately said to the other Commanders.

The other Commanders nodded one after another in agreement.

They stood up abruptly then hurriedly went to the south gate. When they arrived there, they saw that the vanguard of the Timber Deity Empire had already fallen into the array arranged by Marin. On the ground were many dead and wounded. However, the five thousand soldiers led by her didn't suffer at all. Seeing this bewildered the Commanders.

"This array..." Commander Lin, one of the Elite Commanders, uttered softly as he suddenly felt that the array used by Marin was very familiar.

"Isn't it the same array that Rocky used at the Army Flag Contest?" Commander Wang announced to the others.

It was exactly the Eight Heaven Locks Array used by Rocky before.

The Commanders looked at each other in disbelief. They were thinking the same thing: when was she able to learn about this mysterious and complicated array? Obviously, the array was handed over to her by Rocky. But that would mean they had a somewhat special relationship.

It was during the war at the Rough Slope that Rocky taught her the array. But at that time, Marin was a beginner and therefore was not able to use it very well. But she took her time, exerted hard work and studied it secretly. Fortunately, she made some gains. If it were not for the safety of the Evian City, she would not have used this hidden skill.

Four hours of battle between the two sides brought heavy damage to the vanguard from the Timber Deity Empire, which had lost nearly two thousan

r all the guards to the city gate and guard the city wall," Commander Wang immediately ordered.

Because the soldiers of the Evian City were attacked so abruptly, Marin's desperate commands were almost useless. It was impossible to get rid of the five rhinoceroses, who were huge and powerful. The array was about to collapse any minute now. Meanwhile, the ten thousand forces of the Timber Deity Empire had taken the opportunity to attack the wall of the south gate fiercely.

What was worse was that the Timber Deity Empire still had another twenty thousand soldiers awaiting their chance to make a move and attack.

"Commander Lin, you and I should go down there to help Commander Marin," Commander Ron said at once. After seeing that the array was about to be crushed by the sharp collision of the rhinoceroses, he knew he had to act quick. The array was their last hope they could rely on. If it were completely destroyed, the powerful army of the Timber Deity Empire would be able to break through the defense of the Evian City.

Commander Lin nodded immediately. He and Commander Ron summoned their three-star spirit-manipulated beasts, jumped down from the city wall, entered the array, and rushed to Marin's side.

"Commander Marin, please keep on commanding. Commander Lin and I will work together to get rid of the two giant rhinoceroses..." Commander Ron said to Marin urgently. Then, the two Commanders rode towards the two rhinoceroses trapped in the array.

They were both strong warriors at the Heavenly Stage. Luckily, through their combined efforts, they were able to pin down the two rhinoceros.

Despite their combined strength, the impact from the three rhinoceroses outside the array still managed to seriously damage the array. Surely, the array would give up and completely be broken down at any minute.

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