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   Chapter 563 She Was Playing With Fire

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"What is Commander Marin up to? How can she take five thousand soldiers to fight outside the city? She is certainly playing with fire." All the commanders seemed extremely worried.

"It's no use to say anything now. Who would take the initiative to go to the south gate and stop Commander Marin?" Commander Wang asked. His face turned pale immediately.

"Me," Elite Commander Ron volunteered after slight hesitation.

Then he proceeded out from the meeting room and went hurriedly towards the south gate to stop Marin.

When Commander Ron reached at the south gate, he couldn't find any sign of the five thousand soldiers. What he could see was Marin standing on the city wall and looking at the army of the Timber Deity Empire that was constantly gathering outside the Evian City.

"Commander Marin, what is going on here? Just now, a guard informed that you had gathered five thousand soldiers and were getting ready to fight outside the city," Commander Ron asked uncomprehendingly after getting on to the city wall.

"If I didn't say that, then you all would have been still shirking your responsibilities and wouldn't even dare to fight even when the army of the Timber Deity Empire arrives in the city," Marin replied with a sneer.

Upon hearing this Commander Ron got a little embarrassed.

"Commander Marin, whether or not we would be able to defend the Evian City this time is a matter of great importance. It is associated with the reputation of the Crimson Dragon Group and also the safety of the Holy Dragon Empire. So, we may have to think twice before we make our move," Commander Ron explained. The Elite Commanders were not at all cowards. But, at the time when the Evian City was in danger and also when many people's life was involved, it was natural for them to have a slight hesitation.

"Now we are not having enough soldiers to protect the Evian City. However, if we can defend it by all means, then it wouldn't be that easy for the army of the Timber Deity Empire to conquer the city in a short period of time. Since none of the Elite Commanders were willing to command the army, I had to protect the city in my own terms. Kindly convey my words to the other commanders after you get back. I will stand guard tonight. The army of the Timber Deity Empire most certainly would launch an attack tomorrow or in two days' time. I hope you would bring up a strategy to defend the city before tomorrow," Marin said seriously.

Commander Ron didn't

nd soldiers began to form an eight-trigram formation with Marin at the center.

At the same time, the army of the Timber Deity Empire had already gathered at a place two miles away from the south city gate.

"Your Royal Highness, the Crimson Dragon Group seems to have formed a formation outside the city," a commander informed respectfully to a handsome man who was sitting on a high horse and was surrounded by masters of the Heavenly Stage.

This handsome man was none other than Woods, the prince of the Timber Deity Empire.

This time it was Woods who was commanding the thirty thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire.

"Oh, really? What's their strength?" Woods looked calmly at the direction of the city gate of the Evian City, and literally saw a large crowd outside the city gate.

"About five thousand," the commander reported.

"Five thousand? According to our intelligence, there are just fifteen thousand soldiers to protect the Evian City, which in comparison to our soldier strength is too low. They have actually dared to fight outside the city with five thousand soldiers. They are really bold. Are they looking down upon our army?" Woods said with a cold smile. He then narrowed his eyes and continued, "Send up five thousand soldiers to size up the situation."

"Yes sir." The commander left immediately.

Half an hour later, the Timber Deity Empire's vanguard consisting of five thousand soldiers and spirit manipulators were rushing towards the army that was going to protect the Evian City outside the city gate.

Soon, the two armies began the battle and the air was filled with the sound of the battle cry.

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