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   Chapter 562 Pass The Buck

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"If the Commander in Chief can't make it in time, someone must command the garrisons of Evian City," Elite Commander Ron said steadily.

"Didn't the Commander in Chief make it clear that if Rocky could get back to Evian City, he should have the Crimson Dragon Token and the command to defend the city?" Commander Wang interjected as he pulled out the token from his pocket, eyeing it as though it were a holy treasure.

Upon seeing the Crimson Dragon Token, all the commanders were shocked. A few days earlier, when Lance declared he would give the token to Rocky, they were in a dire situation and didn't have the time to react. It was only when they returned to Evian City safely did they start doubting Lance's decision.

The Crimson Dragon Toke was the commander's seal of the Crimson Dragon Group. Anyone who possessed it would have command over thirty thousand soldiers. Of course, it was also a status symbol, as it was so rare. Apart from the Commander in Chief, only Deputy Commander in Chief Isis possessed one. Thus, presenting Rocky with a Crimson Dragon Token meant he was entrusted with an important responsibility.

This was precisely why the commanders were puzzled.

"Wasn't Rocky just demoted from Elite Commander to logistics camp by the Commander in Chief? So why would the Commander in Chief hand over the Crimson Dragon Token and the right to command the city to him?" a commander pondered aloud.

The commanders exchanged glances with one another, each one unsure as to why Lance would make such a contradictory decision. Of course, they hadn't known that the Crimson Dragon Token was Rocky's all along. It just so happened that after the accident with Isis, Lance took it back as he wronged Rocky.

"Rocky hasn't shown up yet. What a coward! Hmm, just let him command the city garrison of Evian City. I really don't know what Commander in Chief was thinking." All the Commanders including Flank, who had a deep resentment towards Rocky, were annoyed when they heard that Lance actually handed Crimson Dragon Token to Rocky and let him command the city garrison. Thus, everyone silently hoped Rocky wouldn't show up.

Among everyone in the room, only Marin knew Lance's reasons. However, because Rocky still hadn't shown up, she was a bit worried. With the thirty thousand men of the Timber Deity Empire

in scoffed arrogantly.

Whispers filled the room. It was clear that the other commanders also felt that Marin wasn't suitable for this important task.

"You..." Hearing these words spoken from the mouths of these cowards made Marin seethe with anger. Her beautiful eyes glared fearsomely at each Elite Commander before she abruptly turned around and left the hall.

The sun set in the distance, and darkness crept over the city. Two miles outside of Evian City, a line of torches dotted the land in a zigzag manner, like a snake of fire. Countless figures formed a black mass, rushing towards Evian City which was barely illuminated by the fire snake.

Once the guards spotted them from atop the city wall of the south gate of the city, they were filled with fear. They hurriedly lit the beacon to inform the base camp of the arrival of the Timber Deity Empire troops. The sentries from the base camp were alerted by the lit beacon from the south gate. They knew what this meant, and immediately headed to the meeting hall to deliver this information.

The commanders, who had been waiting idly in the meeting hall, were shocked when they heard the news. They nervously glanced at each other, yet still no one wanted to step up.

Just then, a guard rushed in hastily. "Commanders, Commander Marin gathered five thousand troops and is now headed towards the south gate. It seems she is going to face the enemy head-on!"

Everyone in the room was stunned. No one could believe that Marin was reckless enough to lead her troops into a suicide mission.

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