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   Chapter 561 No Leader

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6761

Updated: 2020-03-25 18:36

Rocky's face darkened at the realization that his power was no match for this.

"Run!" Sabina shouted at Rocky. She predicted that the outcome wouldn't be in their favor. Their top priority now was to stay alive.

Out of nowhere, a green light burst out of the skull's mouth. An intimidating spiritual power appeared before them. It looked as though it was about to swallow both of them whole.

Realizing that there was no time to dodge the attack, Sabina unexpectedly stood in front of Rocky alongside Duchess Silver with arms wide open. Gathering her spiritual power, she quickly formed a large and thick wall of ice in front of her.

However, the seemingly sturdy fortress of ice was easily devoured by the green light and continued to spread rapidly towards Sabina and Duchess Silver.

"Go!" Sabina quickly turned around and urged Rocky to hurry up. The summoning of the ice wall utilized all of her spiritual power, and her delicate face was bloodless. Knowing that she had reached her limit, she knew she couldn't defeat this power on her own.

Rocky wouldn't back down so easily, nor would he run away alone. Suddenly, a black glow burned all over his body like a blazing flame.

Known as the Evil Flame, this was produced by the fusion of evil spiritual power and the spiritual power of Fire nature. Once Sabina's ice wall disintegrated, the Evil Flame gushed forward like a black torrent and crashed with the approaching skull and its green light.

Instantly, the entire sky was filled with blinding, dazzling light.

Unfortunately, that didn't hold on too long either. The green light devoured the Evil Flame with ease. It had now extended itself to cover more than a dozen meters around them.

"Hell awaits you!" The Dark Lord cackled with a sinister smile as he noticed Rocky growing weaker and on the verge of death.

It looked as though all hope of surviving the green light was lost for Rocky, Sabina, and their spirit-manipulated beasts.

As they hanged on to the thread, a cu

Deity Empire's thirty thousand troops had already broken through three passes two days ago and were heading in the same direction as well.

It was too late for them to get to Evian City before the Timber Deity Empire attacked.

Within Evian City, the Crimson Dragon Group headquarters was in chaos. All of them were full of panic seeing Lance absent and the Timber Deity Empire troops drawing closer.

At the moment, ten commanders were sitting on either side of the headquarters' meeting room. Among those ten commanders were those who Lance covered and saved, and the Elite Commanders and Frontline Commanders, who had been guarding the headquarters, and Marin who didn't find Rocky in the logistics camp and returned to Evian City first.

Upon Marin's arrival at the city, she learned that Lance and a few other commanders had been blocked by the Timber Deity Empire troops led by Alyssa as they were leaving the Deity Unicorn Valley. Lance held off Alyssa and her troops on his own so that the other commanders would be covered.

It was worrying that no news had been sent from the Deity Unicorn Valley regarding Lance. They couldn't confirm if he would be able to return to Evian City before the Timber Deity Empire's thirty thousand soldiers attacked the city.

No wonder all the commanders present appeared worried and anxious.

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