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   Chapter 559 Think Of Rocky

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"Deputy Commander in Chief, I've gotten some bad news... When the Commander in Chief and the other Commanders were just five miles away from the Deity Unicorn Valley, Alyssa's troops stopped them..." a Deputy Commander announced in panic after he rushed into the Commander's tent.

"What?" Isis, along with the Elite Commanders and the Frontline Commanders in the tent, were all surprised upon hearing the fresh news.

"But, is the news accurate?" Isis asked immediately.

"The news came from the spirit-manipulated beast of Commander Wang who went together with the Commander in Chief," the Deputy Commander responded as he gave her a nod.

"So what's the current situation? Do we have any casualties? Any dead soldier on the field?" Isis asked in a worried tone.

"According to the information from Commander Wang's spirit-manipulated beast, they have escaped under the Commander in Chief's cover, and are now heading to the Evian City under the Commander in Chief's instructions. However, in order to cover them, the Commander in Chief resisted Alyssa and her troops all by himself..." But before the Deputy Commander could even finish his words, Isis and the other Commanders immediately felt terrified. Although Lance's strength had already reached the Divine Stage, he would still be no match for Alyssa who was also at the Divine Stage and helped by the troops of the Timber Deity Empire. Therefore, it was impossible for Lance to resist them alone for a long period of time.

"I want you to gather two thousand soldiers to assist the Commander in Chief right now..." Isis ordered straight out.

Soon enough, two thousand soldiers gathered in the Crimson Dragon Army's camp.

Afterwards, Isis personally left the camp along with an Elite Commander, three Frontline Commanders, and two thousand soldiers, heading for the place where Lance and the several Commanders were intercepted.

However, as soon as Isis arrived with her people, there were already two corpses lying on the ground. Her father, along with Alyssa and the troops of the Timber Deity Empire, had already gone. Nevertheless, the place had been destroyed and the ground was cracked, which meant that there was a fierce battle that happened in the area not long ago.

Upon seeing this, Isis got a bit worried. After all, Alyssa was also at the Divine Stage, and although she didn't know how strong she was, she knew that she was at least powerful enough to fight

unpleasant experience, they would surely be very indignant, not to mention Rocky who had helped the Crimson Dragon Army get rid of danger for so many times, but was still treated unjustly.

Louis was not able to say anything for a while. But Marin lost her patience and asked, "Do you have any way on how to get in touch with Rocky right now?"

"Yes, but I can't make sure that I can get in touch with him in time. And besides, there is a chance that I can't locate him!" Louis said with concern while he nodded his head.

"Please help me send him a message. I want to ask him to go back to the Evian City as soon as possible. Tell him that this is what the Deputy Commander in Chief said. Let him go back to the Evian City no matter what happens... Please, I am begging him..." Marin said anxiously.

Hearing what Marin had said, Louis was shocked as well. He didn't expect that the Deputy Commander in Chief would even deliberately beg Rocky. However, he was a clever man, as he thought there must be a hidden reason behind it. Therefore, he nodded without asking for any more details about the matter.

"By the way, please tell Rocky that I will wait for him in the Evian City. I hope he won't let me down!" As soon as Marin finished her words, she left Louis's tent. Then, she rode on Verdanim, which was waiting outside, and headed straight to the Evian City.

Seeing Marin leave, Louis wrote down on a small piece of paper everything that Marin had just told him. As soon as he finished writing, he asked some people to bring the letter to the Carrier Beast which would then send the letter to Rocky as soon as possible.

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