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   Chapter 556 A Miracle

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The Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf suddenly lowered its head, as if to thank him, for it seemed to understand what Rocky had meant. Then, it shouted to the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, turned around and left.

The little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf followed the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf for a few more steps until, it turned around to look at Rocky. Like a child, it then cried its heart for it had gotten attached to him, showing that it was being reluctant to part with Rocky.

But the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf was having none of its tantrums. Turning around, it shouted at its little one in a low voice. Immediately, the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf turned around and continued to leave unwillingly.

Meanwhile, Rocky had tears in his eyes upon seeing such a touching scene. Although he had not spent too much time with the little wolf, he knew and felt that he already had a deep connection with it, which was why he was also unhappy to see the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf leave like this.

Sabina looked at Rocky's face that was streaming with tears. At that moment, she felt that for the first time ever, she saw the other side of Rocky—tender and vulnerable.

Suddenly, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn showed up. It walked its way up to Rocky and rubbed its head against him, as if to comfort him. Trying to make Rocky feel better, Uriah and Rubygon joined them. Now, the three beasts surrounded him as if they were all in a group hug.

Sabina, on the other hand, was shocked to see the complete appearance of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. She had seen it before, but due to the chaos, she wasn't really able to see it very clearly. Even for the Heavenly Stage cultivators including Erica, none of them were able to recognize the Rainbow Glow Unicorn under such circumstances before. Otherwise, it would certainly have made a scene.

Sabina could not help but feel startled upon seeing the Rainbow glow Unicorn, all because it was all too rare to see the beast. After all, it was ranked third in the list of spiritual beasts. Besides, this Rainbow Glow Unicorn was still underage, and it would be a huge potential to subdue it if possible.

"Come on guys, I'm fine." Rocky smiled in a jiffy upon seeing the three beasts that were huddled around him and comforting him.

"Enough, guys, I thi

ng the news. Shocked to his core, his body could not help but tremble.

"How could this be possible? We have controlled the whole military forces of the Timber Deity Empire at the Deity Unicorn Valley, haven't we? In that case, then where did this thirty thousand warriors of the Timber Deity Empire come from?" Isis asked in amazement.

The Commanders inside the camp looked at each other in dismay as they also heard what had happened.

"Is it another trick up the Timber Deity Empire's sleeve?" one of the Elite Commanders exclaimed hesitantly.

Lance's face sank while he clenched his fists as he heard this. Then, he immediately asked the spirit manipulator who had delivered him the news, "When will the thirty thousand army of the Timber Deity Empire arrive at the Evian City?"

"I'm afraid that they will arrive in two days," the spirit manipulator immediately responded.

"Father, the Evian City's army, including the rest of the forces of our headquarters, is less than fifteen thousand. It's quite impossible and probably too late to send the forces from other border cities to the Evian City in two days..." Isis said anxiously. After all, the Evian City was the headquarters of the Crimson

Dragon Army. If anything happened to the city, then it would directly affect the Crimson Dragon Army. Moreover, the Evian City was the most important border city to the Holy Dragon Empire. Once the city was attacked by the Timber Deity Empire's army, there would surely be unimaginable consequences...

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