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   Chapter 555 I'll See You Again Some Other Day

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"It turns out that she is also from a clan of the spiritual race." Rocky's eyes flew open in shock when he heard this.

"The Butterfly Divine Clan? It's unbelievable! She's actually a descendant of the Butterfly Divine Clan," Sabina exclaimed.

"What is the origin of the Butterfly Divine Clan?" Rocky inquired immediately. This piece of information was not enough to satisfy his need to understand. He knew he needed to probe more.

"It is said that the Butterfly Divine Clan used to be an extremely powerful clan of spiritual race from the Wild Spirit Land. There were stories that said they were so strong that they could even contend with the Dragon Master Clan, the Phoenix Master Clan and other top-level clans of spiritual race. However, in the last war among the clans of spiritual race on the spiritual continent which happened five years ago, the Butterfly Divine Clan was attacked by many clans of spiritual race, including the Dragon Master Clan and the Phoenix Master Clan. It's ironic, but they were attacked for the reason that they were so strong. Those battles brought an end to the superiority of the Butterfly Divine Clan. Only a few masters were lucky enough to survive, and the Butterfly Divine Clan was almost wiped out. But my master told me that the real reason why this clan was exterminated was that they had a very powerful holy treasure. This object terrified clans of spiritual race, even the powerful one. The other clans of spiritual race were afraid that the Butterfly Divine Clan would use this object to rule over the Wild Spirit Land, so..." Sabina explained. Of course, it was just a rumor she had heard from her master Marcia. She had no idea whether it was true or not.

"I see." Rocky nodded and looked at the butterfly shadow in the mist. The event from Sabina's tale was playing in his mind.

"Dark Lord, I don't want to get into any disputes with any other clans of spiritual race because I must obey the last will of the Butterfly Divine Clan. However, you uttered rude remarks on our holy land and insulted our clan, and that is unforgivable. For that, you shall pay. Get ready to die!" the butterfly shadow in the mist rebuked in anger. In an instant, the wind was howling. It had suddenly become colder. Looking around, leaves from trees and petals from cherry blossoms in the deep valley were flying around rapidly. The atmosphere changed and it was a

unimaginable. I'm afraid that this is the most thrilling experience I have ever had since I became a spirit manipulator," Sabina said. She hadn't fully recovered from earlier experience and was still trying to catch her breath.

"But we have to be careful. The Dark Lord won't let me go easily." Rocky was still worried that the Dark Lord would come back. After all, he had robbed his treasure. Rocky was certain the Dark Lord wouldn't let him off the hook that easily.

Sabina nodded in agreement.

"Now we have another problem." Not far away from them, Rocky saw the mother Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf nursing the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf. Rocky frowned. He guessed that the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf must want to get back with her child. This means he might not be able to keep the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf any longer. Besides, he only got the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf by chance. Moreover, the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf had saved his life just now. Therefore, he had to make a decision.

Making up his mind, Rocky walked towards their direction slowly.

When the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf saw Rocky coming, she let out a growl.

"Don't worry. I'm not coming to take your child away from you. I just wanted to tell you that I didn't mean to take your child away. The situation was critical. I had to do that. But now that I'm here and I met you again, I will give back your child to you. Take him back and take good care of him. He was a good friend," Rocky said to the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf calmly, but despite his sincerity, he couldn't hide his reluctance to let the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf go.

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