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   Chapter 553 Not Eighteen Yet

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There were also four members of Elite Regiment who just walked out of the hall. But now they were all confused and had no idea of what had happened.

Formerly, these four members were controlled by the Dark Lord as zombies with the help of Magic Spiritual Technique. And when the Dark Lord chased after Rocky out of the hall, they stayed back in the hall waiting for the order and did not wake up until just now.

Therefore, the four members of the Elite Regiment were unaware of anything.

"You four idiots!" a voice accursed.

The four looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a bald man in a very thin shirt and trousers, glaring at them.

"Deputy... Deputy Head Sheehan..." The four members were startled at first and then called out with a puzzled look.

Before the four members, it was Sheehan who came along with Sabina.

Not long ago, as Sheehan and Sabina arrived, they sensed a strong aura emanated from Dark Lord. Suddenly, as if worried about something, Sabina rushed toward the strong aura. It was certain Sheehan was not seeking any trouble, but was wandering around as if he was waiting for a chance to find his four subordinates.

"Deputy Head Sheehan, why are you here? Look at you..." one of the four men asked, staring at Sheehan.

"You didn't even realize that I was being attacked and how dare you to follow a guy who pretended to be me here?" Sheehan shouted with anger.

Hearing his words, the four members of the Elite Regiment looked perplexed at each other. In fact, they couldn't recollect what they did in the past because of the Magic Spiritual Technique of Dark Lord. Even when they woke up, they didn't understand why they were there.

"Very well. It seems that you have been brainwashed by someone. Otherwise, how can you not recognize the fake one?" Sheehan knew the man who disguised himself must have used some kind of bewitching skill. O

his mind.

After a while, a beast shadow was flying over in the air and it soon landed besides Rocky. Its wings were raised high, and its head was raised up. The beast shadow also had a petite body on its back.

The beast was none other than Uriah.

Right from the moment, Uriah had appeared, it was immediately able to capture everyone's attention. Perhaps it was because Uriah didn't look like a normal spiritual beast. Even the Dark Lord looked strangely upon it, let alone Erica and others.

However, as soon as Erica saw the shadow on the back of Uriah, she quickly called out with a girlish surprise, "Tasha."

At this moment, Rocky then walked towards the side of Uriah, lifted Tasha off and untied the spiritual power on her. As soon as Tasha regained her freedom, she snorted at Rocky and then ran like a wind towards Erica.

"Erica..." As she returned, Tasha's little face was filled with tears, giving the impression that she had suffered a lot.

Seeing this, Erica was of the belief that Tasha had been bullied. So she stared at Rocky angrily and asked, "What have you done to her?"

"Don't worry. I'm not at all interested in a teenager like her. Besides, she's malnourished as well as boring…" Rocky curled his lips and gave out a smile.

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