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   Chapter 552 Saved By The Master

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"Damn it!" Dark Lord seemed to have panicked a bit upon seeing what was happening. At that very moment, he knew that the Sea Blue Magic Jade had finally acknowledged its rightful owner.

However, Dark Lord knew that he could do nothing at this moment unless he could break the stream of cherry blossom that kept Rocky protected.

"You little bastard!" Dark Lord trembled with rage as he glared at Rocky. He didn't know how Rocky did it, but it was obvious that he had help. With the help of a strange force from nowhere, Rocky forced the Sea Blue Magic Jade to recognize him as the owner even though it had already belonged to Dark Lord.

Meanwhile, all of the spirit manipulators had their eyes wide open as they were shocked when they saw what was happening with the Sea Blue Magic Jade. They all stared at Rocky in a daze, as they had vaguely felt that Rocky seemed to have done something very extraordinary with it.

A moment later, the glory that got shot out from the Sea Blue Magic Jade rapidly retracted. After that, the huge dark-blue ray faded and the jade returned to the original sea blue color. However, this time around, the Sea Blue Magic Jade in Rocky's hands had started to shine in harmony with the spiritual power on his body.

"Does that mean that you are now its new owner?" Sabina suddenly asked in surprise upon seeing this.

Instantly, the people around the area were shocked for no one had thought that Rocky would be able to make the Sea Blue Magic Jade recognize him as its owner. And besides, it was very out of the ordinary because its original owner was a member of the spiritual race. With that being said, Rocky was able to grab a rare treasure from the spiritual race by using the power of a human spirit manipulator.

Everything happened so unusually that no one dared to believe it.

However, the reality was undeniable. Dark Load was furious and disappointed as he could do nothing about it.

However, while everyone felt surprised, Rocky was still in danger. Although the Sea Blue Magic Jade had recognized him as its owner, the evil spiritual power overflowing from the third layer of seal still filled his body, which he was unable to take out. His physical load

life. I expected that you would return the favor by not killing other creatures." At this moment, a delicate butterfly-like figure appeared from the mist. However, she did not come close, as she just stood there as if she were surrounded by a layer of light fog.

But as soon as the butterfly shadow appeared, everyone felt a great suffocating pressure.

Right at that moment, everyone realized that the butterfly shadow was extraordinary!

The Dark Lord was shocked at the sight of the delicate body. Dazed, he exclaimed, "It's you!"

"Cherry?" Rocky cried out unconsciously right after he saw the butterfly shadow in the fog. In fact, he had so many mixed emotions that his heart throbbed in a strange manner.

The butterfly shadow couldn't help but tremble after it heard Rocky's voice, but still kept silent, as it did not utter a single word.

"Everyone, get out of here!" Cherry's voice echoed all throughout the whole space, as if it were the ultimatum.

Everyone there felt as if thunder had crashed their ears. However, this was also like a decree for pardon for them. Most of the Heavenly Stage masters looked at each other and led their respective spirit-manipulated beasts to hurriedly leave the area. They knew that their lives were more important than the Sea Blue Magic Jade that they had been risking their lives for.

Soon after, only several people stayed motionless—Rocky, Dark Lord, Sabina, Erica and several other phoenix spirit manipulators.

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