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   Chapter 550 It's Mine

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8236

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"The Sea Blue Magic Jade is mine. Don't forget that the Sea Blue Magic Jade will act according to its master's orders and I'm its master. So, even if you take it, it's still useless," Dark Lord said and laughed boisterously loud. Suddenly, his eyes turned green, and the Sea Blue Magic Jade in Rocky's hand shone and grew in harmony with him.

Rocky's face also changed drastically at the statement. He silently scolded himself for not considering this kind of situation.

"I just want you to be my first spiritual power gathering pot," Dark Lord said. He suddenly raised his left hand and pointed his five fingers at the Sea Blue Magic Jade in Rocky's hand. Then, he murmured something like a chant.

All of a sudden, the Sea Blue Magic Jade produced a strong sucking force. It didn't take long before the evil spiritual power and the spiritual power with the Fire nature in Rocky's body were triggered and started flowing along his arm towards the Sea Blue Magic Jade.

Meanwhile, the Sea Blue Magic Jade also gave out a blue spiritual light which was projected to the palm of Dark Lord. Streams of spiritual energy were continuously flowing to Dark Lord. With that, the spiritual power in Rocky's body also decreased at an extremely fast pace.

All of the spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage were surprised to see what was happening. But they couldn't protect themselves, and none of them could help Rocky.

Having been controlled by Dark Lord's Magic Spiritual Technique, Sabina had no idea that Rocky was taken as a spiritual power gathering pot by Dark Lord while his spiritual power was being sucked out in the process.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn was not strong enough to fight against Dark Lord, so it could only stay aside whimpering with worry.

Rocky couldn't recall how long they had been in that situation, but it felt like it had been hours and he could feel that almost all of the spiritual power inside his body had been absorbed. Meanwhile, seeing that the spiritual power within Rocky's body seemed to have been sucked up by the Sea Blue Magic Jade, Dark Lord believed that Rocky was of no use anymore as a spiritual power gathering pot. He could kill Rocky after absorbing his blood essence.

But the truth was, the Sea Blue Magic Jade hadn't absorbed all of Rocky's spiritual power. The strong evil spiritual power in the container made up of the mysterious power remained inside him. Strangely enough, the evil spiritu

of the spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage were shocked and bewildered by the scene. This was the third time that they had seen such a thing. Every time Rocky's life was in danger, there would always be a string of unexpected things bound to happen.

After the cherry blossoms in the deep valley started flying all over the sky, the wild spirit-manipulated beasts that were fighting madly with the spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage started letting out cries. They seemed to be frightened of something and ran away in a hurry.

Two five-star wild spirit-manipulated beasts were also among them.

In the blink of an eye, most of the wild spirit-manipulated beasts had retreated, leaving only the spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage. Confusion was written all over their faces. They didn't know what happened.

Seeing that the wild spirit-manipulated beasts chasing after her suddenly disappeared, Erica felt rather strange. But she immediately returned and joined the other phoenix spirit manipulators. Then, she saw Rocky, who was protected by the cherry blossoms, and the Sea Blue Magic Jade, which was constantly changing its color.

Meanwhile, Sabina, who had been under the Magic Spiritual Technique, seemed to have sobered up. She took a deep breath and immediately turned to get a good look at the whole situation. She was also shocked.

Almost at the same time, everyone's eyes turned to focus on Dark Lord and Rocky, who were less than half a meter away from each other. Rocky was enveloped in cherry blossoms, and in his hand was the Sea Blue Magic Jade which was still constantly changing its color.

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