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   Chapter 549 Find A Way To Flee

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"I thought you've heartlessly abandoned me already," Rocky sneered with an evil smile on his face. Seeing the slender image appeared in front of him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The image gave him a cold glance, but was also evidently relieved upon seeing him safe and sound.

The image was no other than Sabina, who had accompanied the real Sheehan before.

Meanwhile, the masters of the Heavenly Stage could not help but be astonished at the sight of Sabina's manifestation. Just after the presence of the five-star Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, another manipulator of the Supernal Stage came to save Rocky's life. Having seen the woman's kind attitude, they could not help but wonder who she was. Not only did a powerful spirit-manipulated beast come to assist him, but also a powerful beauty of the Supernal Stage sacrificed her life to protect him.

"How lucky could I possibly get? Another manipulator of the Supernal Stage came, and luckily, she is also a beautiful woman. Ha-ha, Don't worry about it. I will take you and another beautiful woman back to my cave later..." the Dark Lord uttered with desire as his eyes lit up the moment he saw Sabina.

Surprised to see the Dark Lord, Sabina then asked coldly, "Aren't you from the Ghost Master Clan?"

"How did you know that I am from the Ghost Master Clan?" Bewildered, the Dark Lord didn't expect that Sabina was so well-informed that she had recognized which clan of spiritual race he came just from looking at him.

Sabina recognized him immediately because she had already seen so many clans of the spiritual race, among which was the Ghost Master Clan. And after she became Marcia's apprentice, she traveled with her to the Wild Spirit Land for two years. Marcia took her to places that were beyond any ordinary human's reach. Some of them were even the places where the clans of the spiritual race lived.

The Ghost Master Clan was famous for its ugly ghost-like appearance, and was also known for the ability to manipulate magic, such as the Spiritual Ghost Skill and Magic Spiritual Technique. That was why when Sabina cast a glance at the Dark Lord, she knew at an instant that he was from the Ghost Master Clan.


lver were both unprepared for the sudden shift that upon hearing the loud noise, both of them were knocked a few steps back.

All of a sudden, she saw a figure from a distance. But before she could do anything, she felt that she was stuck and could not move. At the same time, she saw a horrifying scene before her, as if she were in another world. It was like hell—there were a mountain of swords, along with the sea of flames that made the hairs at the back of her neck stand in horror.

Right at that moment, Rocky turned his eyes to Sabina, only to find out that she could not move a single muscle. But it was worse than what he thought—the Dark Lord stood in front of Sabina, giving her a lewd smile. Rocky hesitated to flee for a while, but then found himself coming back.

"Hey! Didn't you want the Sea Blue Magic Jade?" exclaimed Rocky as soon as he returned.

Turning around, the Dark Lord found that Rocky had returned. With a wicked smile, he said, "You had a chance to live a little while longer, but I didn't expect you to come back so soon and meet your doom."

"Let her go, and I'll return this jade to you." Rocky then waved the Sea Blue Magic Jade. Although the Sea Blue Magic Jade was very important to him, he couldn't leave Sabina behind. Without a doubt, he wouldn't give the Sea Blue Magic Jade to the Dark Lord so easily. However, at the back of his mind, he knew well that he should buy some more time so that he could save Sabina.

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