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   Chapter 548 Just In Time

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Seeing this, Erica was surprised. Although she had no idea what the bottle contained, it obviously garnered the attraction and attention of the spirit-manipulated beasts.

She didn't think about it too much. After glancing at Rocky, she winked at the Glint Phoenix. The latter floated into the air, not wanting to fly too high due to the thick fog in the deep valley and the wild spirit-manipulated beasts that roamed it.

After flying a little higher, Erica ordered the Glint Phoenix to speed up. Together with twenty or thirty wild spirit-manipulated beasts, the five-star Demonic Scorpion at the fourth grade was chasing after them.

"If you don't wish to die here, attack now!" Rocky shouted upon seeing that the Demonic Scorpion was distracted.

Noticing that it had been drawn away, the Heavenly Stage masters took command of their own spirit-manipulated beasts and rushed forward into battle with fierce, brutal force.

After charging forward a little, a five-star wild spirit-manipulated beast leading a pack of other beasts caught up with them from the side. They blocked the Heavenly Stage spirit manipulators' paths, including Rocky's.

Suddenly, the Dark Lord appeared along with a sinister smile painted across his face.

"Surrender now with your hands up! In exchange, you'll receive a less painful death," he added darkly. Turning to face Rocky, he called out, "You bastard! It's time you return the Sea Blue Magic Jade to me. I am its rightful master. You'll never have it."

"I'm on the verge of death anyway. You can rip it from my hands once you kill me," Rocky responded with a cold smile in spite of his growing desperation. Unfortunately, his only chance of escaping—the Rainbow Glow Unicorn—was nowhere to be seen.

"Since you're so willing, let me help you!" the Dark Lord sneered as he crooked his finger. Instantly, the five-star wild spirit-manipulated beast roared and dashed to

e Dark Lord approaching.

"It's about time you go to hell you bastard!" The ferocious Dark Lord's bony hand turned into a claw. With it, he gathered the green light and used it to strike Rocky in the chest.

Rocky blocked it with the wave of his Flaming Blade which in turn created a Moon Blade for added resistance.

But the moment the curved Moon Blade was summoned, it was immediately shattered into pieces by the Dark Lord's claw.

Knowing he had nowhere to hide, Rocky braced himself for the attack. Suddenly, a wave of cold spiritual power came from a distance. Everything in its path ended up overwhelmingly covered in ice and snow.

Within the blink of an eye, the icy spiritual power got closer to the Dark Lord. A hint of fear momentarily spread across his face. After a moment's hesitation, he withdrew his hand in the hopes of blocking the icy spiritual power. With a single wave of his hand, the icy spiritual power disappeared without a trace.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" the Dark Lord demanded as he scanned the mist where the icy spiritual power came from.

Upon speaking those words, a graceful figure emerged from the mist. Gliding across the ground, she eventually positioned herself beside Rocky. In a sweet voice, she exclaimed, "Just in time!"

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