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   Chapter 547 A Melee

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The Heavenly Stage masters from various forces were gathered in front of the hall. With wild ferocious spirit-manipulated beasts surrounding them from all sides, a look of nervousness and fright was painted on all of their faces. Even a few Earthly Stage masters were trembling in fear and too scared to leave the hall.

Suddenly, a booming voice exclaimed in reassurance, "Don't panic! Only when we link hands can we all have a chance at survival. From now on, everyone must follow my orders." It was Erica. She had thought long and hard about their current situation and concluded that the only way to solve their problem was the union of all the Heavenly Stage masters across all the forces.

All the Heavenly Stage masters' attention was drawn to Erica. Whether or not it was because of her power of the Supernal Stage or her natural charm, many of the Heavenly Stage masters began to gather around her with only two or three of them smirking in arrogance and unwillingness to yield to her. They stayed in their places instead.

Seeing that Erica had taken his advice, an evil smile crept into the corners of Rocky's mouth. He realized that now would be the best time for him to escape as long as she and the others were busy trying to break through their encirclement.

Although everything was ready, he still required one final step.

'"Where are you greedy Rainbow Glow Unicorn?" murmured Rocky as he looked around. If his research was correct, Rainbow Glow Unicorn should be nearby. It was known for its ability to hunt for treasure, and so it should have arrived here long ago. However, to his surprise, he didn't see Rainbow Glow Unicorn at all. Because the spiritual power between both of them had not completely connected yet, he couldn't figure out its exact location.

Rainbow Glow Unicorn was superb at hiding—a skill that came in handy when it needed to escape. Otherwise, it would've been easily noticed by others.

"You human spirit manipulators

master, its aura matched hers.

"A Demonic Scorpion of the fourth grade of the five-star level," Rocky muttered with a frown. Although this Demonic Scorpion wasn't as powerful as the Furious Long-nosed Bear that he had slaughtered in the past alongside Sabina, this scorpion was a killing machine that shouldn't be underestimated.

Erica was appalled upon seeing the scorpion. The Heavenly Stage spirit manipulators following her from behind stopped dead in their tracks. They knew that rushing towards that beast meant instant death for anyone who dared to draw near.

Two more screams rang out—the screams of two Heavenly Stage masters who were left behind and killed by the Dark Lord.

'This is no way to die, ' Rocky thought to himself. After a moment's hesitation, he reached into his pouch and withdrew a bottle containing a few drops of magical saliva. He quickly rushed towards Erica.

"There you are! Let's lure the big fellow away first," he said to Erica. He placed the bottle of magical saliva in her hand before taking a glance at the scorpion that blocked their way.

As soon as Erica received the bottle, the scorpion was immediately attracted to its scent. The other wild spirit-manipulated beasts followed soon after, gathering towards it like moths drawn to the glow of a lit candle.

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