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   Chapter 543 Erica Was Enraged

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"I'll make sure that you would suffer terribly first before you tell me." Erica appeared to be enraged as those sharp arrow-like eyes of hers were both aimed towards Rocky.

"Oh really? You better think about that careless remark. If I were to be killed, Uriah will surely do something bad to Tasha. Biting her ear or nose off can be easily done," Rocky said with a calm yet scary voice.

The threat made Erica's face turn pale. As she realized that Rocky came prepared, a resigned look painted her face. After she hesitated for a while, she reluctantly asked, "What do you want?"

"I just want you to let me leave here safe and sound. Don't even bother to follow me," Rocky replied with a callous tone.

"I can't just let you off the hook so easily. Unless you give me the Sea Blue Magic Jade and Tasha's location, you won't be going anywhere." Apparently, Erica wouldn't let Rocky leave with the Sea Blue Magic Jade. Rocky had already threatened her with the life of Tasha, which made her infuriated. Letting him escape would be the biggest compromise she could make given her difficult situation.

"It seems that I can't negotiate with a stubborn person like you. It's such a pity that Tasha has such a cruel and remorseless senior sister apprentice. You don't even give a damn about saving her! She had just told me that you would spare no effort in her rescue. Sadly, it looks like her expectations about you were wrong." Rocky shrugged with a disappointed look.

After Rocky's hurtful remark, Erica couldn't but get furious. Anger enveloped her and turned her face red. The bastard in front of her threatened her with Tasha's life, but he dared to put all the blame onto her.

All of a sudden, four masters of the Heavenly Stage from the Elite Regiment had appeared. Along with them were several spirit manipulators with higher grades of Heavenly Stage. The group of warriors had easily blocked all of Rocky's escape routes.

"Haha, you cheeky brat! Give me the Sea Blue Magic Jade now!"

"You are not worthy to have this. I'll surrender this once pigs can finally fly, you incompetent bastard!"

"This is just bullshit! It's easier to take it once he's dead."

The other powerful masters of the Heavenly Stage also decided to rush over. Anger and resentment were seen in their eyes as they glared daggers towards Rocky. It was as if they all wanted to cut him into pieces due to their jealousy. They envied the fact that Rocky obtained the Sea Blue Magic Jade. Even though they risked their lives, they couldn't

or. With a proud voice, he said, "Protect me and I'll tell you Tasha's location."

Even after she heard what Rocky said, Erica still gave him a murderous glare. Finally, some masters of the Heavenly Stage had approached them, so she began her battle motions. The other five phoenix spirit manipulators who surrounded Rocky had also formed a protective formation around him.

Spiritual power began to surge in Erica's body. Almost immediately, lightning flashed and the power of the Supernal Stage electrified around her, which gave her a rather galvanic aura. Those who wanted to rush over their location grew scared.

The gap between a spirit manipulator of the Supernal Stage and a spirit manipulator of the Heavenly Stage was like heaven and earth. Their power levels were just too far apart.

"Let's go, now!" At her command, Erica tried to forcefully break out of their encirclement as the other five phoenix spirit manipulators protected Rocky.

With a simple wave of her palms, Erica easily summoned a few dragon-like rays of lightning. The rays immediately electrocuted nearby enemies. A constant crackling sound accompanied each flash of lightning, as the warriors around them continued to be electrified.

Several of the weaker spirit manipulators of the Heavenly Stage were thrown away by the strong spiritual power of Erica. All that was heard was their blood-curdling screams as lightning enveloped their bodies. Eventually, the encirclement revealed a gap for escape.

Finally, Erica, followed by the other five phoenix spirit manipulators and Rocky, broke out from the siege. With haste, they dashed towards the door of the hall to finally escape their predicament.

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