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   Chapter 542 Seize the Fruits

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Right after Sabina and Rocky got separated from each other, Sabina did not approach the peculiar light because she feared that Rocky might be in a dangerous situation. Instead, she went back and traced the same path she took in search for Rocky's trail. Unfortunately, she was not able to catch up with him, but she saw someone else. Sheehan, who was trapped by several wild spirit-manipulated beasts, was not powerful enough to defeat these beasts nor did he have the energy and power to get rid of them on his own.

Considering that Sabina had been acquainted with Sheehan right when they were still in the main camp, she immediately recognized him. However, she realized that something was greatly wrong. She knew that Sheehan had been with some members of the Elite Regiment when she met him not long ago. If that were the case, then how could Sheehan appear in front of her alone in such a short span of time?

Moreover, Sheehan's aura was completely different from how it was before. During that time, his aura indicated that he was at the Supernal Stage. However, the Sheehan in front of Sabina was only roughly at the eighth grade of the Heavenly Stage, which was obviously very strange! What the hell had happened to Sheehan? She knew that she must figure it out as soon as possible.

Therefore, Sabina helped Sheehan to chase away the wild spirit-manipulated beasts so that they could both find out what was going on. After all, having to deal with the wild beasts didn't cost her a lot of time for the beasts were very shrewd. Knowing that they could not defeat her, they just all backed out and withdrew their threat.

Sheehan, on the other hand was completely surprised and was very happy that someone was there to help him out. After being rescued, Sheehan suddenly recognized that the one who helped him was Sabina, and told her something out of the ordinary.

As it turned out, shortly after Sheehan successfully led a few members of the Elite Regiment to the Myriad Beasts Ground, he was raided, robbed, and even had his clothes stolen.

It would explain why the 'Sheehan' in the Supernal Stage that Sabina and Rocky had met before was the bogus.

But the question still remained the same— who was the fake Sheehan and why did he do it?

At that time, Sabina had a lot of questions in her mind. However, she sensed that something wrong was about to happen. Worried that such an unfortunate event might happen soon, Sabina, together with Sheehan, dashed to the direction of the peculiar light at full speed.

When they arrived at the hall, it was in complete chaos. Spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage were at war and kept pushing the hall to the point that it could collapse at any second.

However, none of those spirit manipulators had been able to approach the Sea Blue Magic Jade which was on the altar. Although the precious and rare jade was already within their reach, no one had been able to get it for the competition

ce. Once she heard what Rocky had said about Tasha's whereabouts, she immediately stopped her original plan of seizing the jade from him. After all, Tasha was so important to her, but if she found Rocky had lied to her, then she would not spare him mercy!

"Yes, that's right!" Rocky nodded in an aloof manner.

Upon hearing Rocky's confirmation, the other phoenix spirit manipulators also turned their eyes to Rocky, doubting that what he said was true.

"Don't believe him, Erica. He could be just buying some time for himself. Come on, let him hand over the Sea Blue Magic Jade first," said one of the phoenix spirit manipulators. She refused to believe Rocky's claim and quickly reminded Erica.

Narrowing her eyes, Erica asked Rocky, "if what you're saying is true, then do you have any proof?"

A smile appeared on Rocky's face. Then, he unwrapped the handkerchief on his left shoulder and said, "This. This is the evidence." He then sent the handkerchief through his spiritual power gliding into the air until it reached to Erica.

Erica then took the handkerchief from him. Stunned, she was shocked to her core when she recognized that it was, without a shadow of a doubt, Tasha's handkerchief. Not long ago, Erica made two handkerchiefs, one of which was beautifully embroidered and was the one given to Tasha.

"I can't believe this. It's really hers. Tell me, where is she?" Erica asked with a sharp tone to her voice. Not hearing anything in response, Erica then raised her head as she gave Rocky a cold and murderous stare. In her mind, she suspected that Rocky had deliberately hidden Tasha so that he could use her to force them to help him.

"Tell us where she is, or we'll teach you a lesson," one of the phoenix spirit manipulators threatened Rocky.

"I can't tell you now," Rocky replied with an evil smile. Rocky was not that stupid. 'Tasha is my precious chip. If I tell them her whereabouts, then everything would be in vain, ' he thought.

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