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   Chapter 540 The Rare Treasure Emerged

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6278

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"Get out of here," the clan spirit manipulators shouted at Rocky. "You are not allowed here!" Their faces were scrunched up into a fierce frown. They carried a sense of overflowing confidence. It was obvious that they did not take Rocky seriously; perhaps they assumed that he was merely a fighter of the Earthly Stage.

Suddenly, their faces lit up. They averted their deathly gaze from Rocky and all looked behind him where Tasha stood. The clan spirit manipulators hurried towards her.

"Wow, what a beautiful woman," remarked one clan spirit manipulator. "Although not as pretty as Erica." The group chuckled.

"She looks young. She must still be a virgin," added another.

"Being posted as a guard here, I thought it was bad luck not to be able to see the treasure... I didn't expect to encounter such beauty. We must enjoy ourselves."

"Let's waste no time. Let's kill this man and feast on this woman."

The clan spirit manipulators gazed longingly at Tasha.

Tasha was infuriated, but she also knew that if she fought back she wouldn't win. The clan spirit manipulators were stronger than her. Then, Rocky's presence gave her an idea. "You'll never win against my brother," she hollered at the spirit manipulators. "He's much stronger than you!"

The clan spirit manipulators felt insulted. They did not appreciate anyone looking down on them. They returned their deathly stare towards Rocky.

"What are you trying to do? When did I become your brother?" Rocky looked at Tasha.

"You're much more powerful than them. Go teach them a lesson," Tasha replied sweetly. "I'll give you a handsome reward after." When she said the last line, she made sure that the spirit manipulators heard it.

The spirit manipulators perked up. They became more angry and more motivated to defeat Rocky.

"Get ready to die!" one of them shouted. Then, he ord

spirit manipulators of at least the Heavenly Stage crowding the building. Rocky could see Erica and Sheehan, masters at the Supernal Stage, in the crowd. Oddly, he could not seem to find Sabina.

Everyone was huddled into groups. All of them had their eyes toward a single direction. They were all staring at the blue jade emitting blue light that was sitting on the altar.

"Is that the legendary Sea Blue Magic Jade?" spirit manipulators whispered among themselves.

"We're luck. This is the rarest Sea Blue Magic Jade in the world," Sheehan remarked with a light laugh. He looked confident and determined to obtain the jade.

The room was tense. Everyone knew that they could not all share the rare treasure. Only those who would obtain it would get out of the magnificent building with a smile.

Some clan spirit manipulators looked at their team and felt regretful. They had travelled all that way only to be faced in competition with other strong spirit manipulators. If they had known of the true value of the treasure, they would have brought more martial artists with them. But they were already there, and so they had no choice but to fight with all their might.

A fierce battle to obtain the treasure was about to break out!

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