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   Chapter 539 Strange Building

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The mist in front of Rocky seemed to have outlines of building facades. From the south to the north, they formed an endless view in perspective. It looked magnificent and symbolized an unknown civilization.

"We are here. The treasure is in front of us. Finally!" He heard an alarming scream from the nearby area. It sounded unfamiliar.

In no time Rocky saw the fog with flashes of figures around him. He guessed that they were a lot of spirit manipulators rushing towards the area. It was like an unclear hazardous scene as all their spirits were uncontrollable.

"This is my treasure. Nobody dares to take it from me. I own it," yelled a spirit manipulator. Before long, greedy voices sounded.

"Damn it! The treasure is ours..."

"Who the hell are you? How can you acquire what is ours?"

After a while sounds of fighting came from all directions. It was dark and scary.

Those spirit manipulators had already killed each other for the treasure without even knowing what it was. They wanted to establish their power and take away the treasure.

Acquiring the treasure would elevate their power and they wanted it at any cost.

There were also many people with their spirit-manipulated beasts rushing forward. In an instant figures in the dim fog kept flickering and moving in the direction of the strange light. It was a hay wire scene.

"At this time it's better to keep a low profile. Stay calm," said Rocky. A sly smile crept up on Rocky's face. Then he sent Uriah and Rubygon into the Magic Spiritual Space to check the situation.

Taking a look at Tasha who was following him closely, he said, "Come with me if you want to see Erica. I shall take you to her safely." After that they rushed forward immediately.

Tasha knew it was very dangerous to stay there as spirit-manipulators were wandering wildly. But she didn't know where Erica was now. The best option was to stay with Rocky as he was brave enough to protect her and take her safely to Erica.

"Wait for me...wait I'm coming," said Tasha. She immediately followed up Rocky with a girlish cry.

Along the way there were several bloody spirit manipulators. There were also warriors who desperately tried to block the two. But the result was pretty obvious.

After a while, the outline of the buildings in front of Rocky gr

l have to confirm," said Rocky coldly to himself. Rocky picked up his pace. Although he had originally planned to observe calmly, if the person who got the Sea Blue Magic Jade was not from the Magic Phoenix Empire but the other countries or the Elite Regiment, his chip would be useless. He decided to play it by ear and gradually try to figure out the situation.

Rocky doubted whether Sabina had reached there before him. She was known for her bravery and fast action.

After a long time they finally reached the top of the stairs. Tasha was hiding behind him reluctantly. She was gasping for breath with sweat dripping all over her body. Tasha was in shock and couldn't do anything.

The magnificent building stood on the top of the steps. Though it was covered with mist, it looked like a temple used for sacrifice in ancient times. The whole building was covered with moss and vines which twisted around each other. The mist was looming making it mysterious.

At that instant, Rocky clearly felt the strong spiritual power that the grand building was releasing. He was amused by its massiveness and magic.

Suddenly several figures and shadows flashed and stood in front of Rocky and Tasha. They were stunned for a moment.

Rocky looked coldly at the men who were standing in front of them. They were wearing clothes that were embroidered with snowflakes. By judging their appearance, he assumed that they must be some spirit manipulators of clans. They seemed to have come with vicious purpose to destroy or to acquire something.

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