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   Chapter 538 You Are A Good Man

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Knowing that Tasha would follow up, Rocky walked straight ahead without turning back and looked up once in a while at the direction of the strange light.

Just then, two figures appeared from the mist and blocked the way. It was hazy, so Rocky couldn't see clearly.

Rocky took a close look at the two huge beast shadows and found that they were a male and a female Heavenly Poisonous Manticore. Both of them were of the third grade of the four-star level which were highly powerful.

Tasha was startled when she saw two four-star Heavenly Poisonous Manticores.

She seized Rocky's sleeve and shouted, "Run! We need to get out of here immediately."

"Run? Why? Why should we run?" asked Rocky desperately. Rocky turned round and looked at Tasha. He immediately opened the Magic Spiritual Space to summon Rubygon.

"Do you want to fight them? You want to die?" asked Tasha surprisingly. She was amazed by his action as it was impossible to fight them. Everyone knew how massively powerful these creatures were. Tasha had heard stories about its power and was amazed by Rocky's guts.

"Stay here, don't run or I will really leave you alone if you get caught. I can't risk this," said Rocky. Then he commanded Uriah and Rubygon to join him. All three were fighting with the Heavenly Poisonous Manticores at once. They had to use their best abilities to fight such powerful creature.

If someone dared not to fight, he would be trapped in a hazardous situation as wild spirit-manipulated beasts wandered in the deep valley all the time.

When one was powerful enough, the best way was to attack and defend oneself. There was no choice as it was a do or die situation.

Now Uriah had risen to the fourth grade of the four-star level and its power had increased significantly along with Rocky and Rubygon. It wouldn't be too difficult to deal with two four-star Heavenly Poisonous Manticores.

Actually Rocky felt that they were lucky enough. If there was one more beast, it would have been an uncontrollable situation.

Rocky was smart to take the decision to attack these beasts with the support of Uriah and Rubygon. Their power all together was massive that there was hope to defeat the enemy creatures.

Tasha did not dare to run. She could only stand there like a still tree. Looking at Rocky and the two beasts who were fighting with the two Heavenly Poisonous Manticores, she was unsettled and nervous. If Rocky, Uriah and Rubygon were not able to defeat the Heavenly Poisonous Manticores, she might not be able to see Erica any more. This thought brought a depressed exp

s you are grumpy!" said Tasha by turning towards Rocky. She spoke her mind out and was extremely thankful for what he had done.

"Oh! Really? Ahhh...I can't accept this," said Rocky with a smirk.

He loved taunting Tasha and playing games with her mind. "I saved you because you are an important chip of mine. If you die, all my previous efforts would be in vain!" taunted Rocky. He raised his eyebrows and showed a cunning shrewd.

"Humph! I know it!" said Tasha hearing his reply.

"Let's go. The longer we stay here the more dangerous it will get. We need to rush," said Rocky with a serious face.

Tasha stood up immediately.

Rocky let Uriah and Rubygon lead the way and told Tasha to follow them closely. They continued to pass through the horribly withered dark forest. It was pitch dark that they couldn't see clearly. The destination seemed to be far away.

The whole valley was shrouded in mist and they didn't know the time. They just felt that the light went dim. But in the position of the strange light, the sea-blue light was getting more dazzling and lightening the foggy sky.

The strange light was beaming closer and more corpses were witnessed including bodies of wild spirit-manipulated beasts as well as spirit manipulators and their spirit-manipulated beasts. All of them died miserably. As Tasha had never seen such a bloody scene like this before, she clung to Rocky's body with one hand seizing his sleeve to get a sense of safety. She was extremely scared seeing such a deadly scene.

"Almost there. Don't worry," said Rocky. He wanted to comfort Tasha. After going through a heap of messy stones, Rocky looked up and saw that the strange light not far away had become quite clear.

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