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   Chapter 537 Following Up

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"It's time for us to show up!" Seeing that no one was in front of the deep valley, Rocky curled the corners of his mouth and nodded at Sabina as a signal. Then, they, along with Tasha and three beasts arrived at the entrance of the deep valley.

They both simultaneously looked toward the deep valley that was covered with dark, cotton-like clouds. They could see the strange light shining and towering amongst the clouds.

"Uriah," Rocky called as he slowly turned his head towards Uriah.

Letting out a whine as if it were irritated, Uriah walked ahead. The Evil Flame was shining around its body as it led the way.

Rocky and Sabina, together with Rubygon, who was carrying Tasha, followed closely behind Uriah. Duchess Silver was ordered to make sure their paths were safe. In a steady and careful pace, they all began to move further into the valley.

After going down the steep slope, they went into the valley. Not long after, they saw the bodies of several spirit manipulators and wild spirit-manipulated beasts through the thick fog. They assumed that these were the firsts who entered the deep valley and seemed to have been attacked by the wild spirit-manipulated beasts.

As they walked further on, they would see the more bodies of spirit manipulators and wild spirit-manipulated beasts from time to time. Some of them were still alive, but had been broken into pieces. Their viscera and intestines were all over the ground, and the air was filled with a strong smell of blood, which the travelers found quite disgusting.

However, as a large number of spirit manipulators had entered the deep valley before they had, Rocky and Sabina did not encounter any attacks throughout the long walk. Most wild spirit-manipulated beasts in the way had been almost destroyed.

But they still took careful steps, and continued to walk gingerly towards the light.

About an hour later, Rocky noticed that his view on forward was a vast desert without any creature in sight.

Just after a few more meters forward, Uriah, who was leading the way, took an abrupt stop and looked around vigilantly.

"What's wrong?" Rocky moved to the side of Uriah and quickly noticed the sand rose and fell as if there were somethin

ting with her, but also making her feel embarrassed when he was the one who touched her body. What a jerk!

Seeing Tasha's angry face made Rocky genuinely laugh. He then jumped from the back of Uriah and released her from spiritual power.

Realizing that she was free again, Tasha straightened her body and ran her hands through her body, patting the dirt off from her. Remembering the subtle flirting, she tried to hit Rocky's chest with her fists.

Rocky blocked her fist with a quick move. Before she could take her fist back, Tasha tried to kick Rocky, but he was able to dodge.

"Little girl, if you keep touching me, I will leave you here," warned Rocky. The reason why he untied Tasha was that without the protection of Sabina, Myriad Beasts Ground was a dangerous place for Rocky alone. Although Tasha was not powerful enough, she still might be able to lend a hand when necessary.

"Humph!" As soon as she heard that, Tasha shook Rocky's hand off and said with a pout, "Just leave me here. It is better for me than letting you to threaten Erica with me."

"That's a deal," Rocky sneered and left Tasha alone. He walked into the forest with Uriah.

"Hey, do you really want to leave me alone here?" Tasha thought that Rocky was just bluffing. She didn't expect that he would really leave. She looked around at the dark forest. The wind howled and the hair on her arms stood up. She trembled a little and rushed to catch up with Rocky, just like a shadow following him.

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