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   Chapter 536 Everyone Is Gone

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"Aren't they the phoenix spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire? Why are they here?"

"These women are so beautiful. They look like angels from paradise."

"Who is this beautiful woman walking in front?"

"She looks as beautiful as a fairy. Her eyes are so mesmerizing and she has such beautiful lustrous hair," wondered the spirit manipulators.

After the phoenix spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire led by Erica appeared, all the spirit manipulators in the front of the valley turned to them immediately. Most of the spirit manipulators were men.

They were immensely greedy for the beauty of the phoenix spirit manipulators. Their eyes were glued to the adorable beauty of the ladies. Seeing a lady was a rare sight for these men. Hence they couldn't stop staring.

As a matter of fact every one of the phoenix spirit manipulators was beautiful in their own way. They were either from a small family or from an elegant and elite family. Status, beauty and power defined these women.

Erica was the most fascinating beauty famous all over the Wild Spirit Land. Her elegant body language and eyes were the most attractive. She was considered to be the beauty with brains.

Soon a spirit manipulator who had fortunately seen her recognized and cried out, "Oh! She... She is...Erica...The leader of phoenix spirit manipulators. The bravest woman I know."

All of a sudden the entrance of the deep valley was in an uproar. Many of the spirit manipulators were stunned. Everyone was waiting to know about the situationship.

"It turns out that she is the most powerful master and the most beautiful woman of the Magic Phoenix Empire, Erica."

"I've heard of her name long ago. Now I finally met her. She deserves the reputation. After all if she can lead a team of spirit manipulators here, I believe in her true potential."

"I'm fortunate to meet her. I'm willing to lose fifty years of my life if I can marry her. She is a rare personality and being with such a person is a blessing."

Many spirit manipulators had been infatuated by Erica. But unfortunately they had never seen her before. Her beauty attracted them and they were eager to get her. But she was not so easy to get as she was a person with strong opinions and leading goals. She would need someone who resonated with her in every way.

The appearance of Erica and all the other phoenix spirit manipulators turned the atmosphere to be strange. Everyone's eyes gathered on Erica. Their eyes were glued to her appearance and were looking at her every move. She

shed to the valley with great hope.

After a short while in front of the entrance to the deep valley, there were only a few phoenix spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire which were led by Erica as well as the team of the Timber Deity Empire and the Elite Regiment led by Sheehan.

When the warriors of the Timber Deity Empire saw that the Magic Phoenix Empire and the Holy Dragon Empire had been helped by masters of the Supernal Stage, they paused for a moment. Then they followed the large group into the deep valley as they wanted to take immediate action to acquire the treasure.

"Miss Erica, you are indeed a beauty. I am Sheehan, the deputy head of the Elite Regiment of Crimson Dragon Group from the Holy Dragon Empire. It's my honor to meet you here. I have heard a lot about your victory," introduced Sheehan. He strode up and stopped in front of Erica. Then he gave a flattering look as his eyes apparently were coveting Erica's beauty. Sheehan was enamored by Erica's beautiful body.

Erica just snorted and ignored him by glancing at him coldly. Then she waved her hand and led the phoenix spirit manipulators to the deep valley. She never gave unnecessary attention to men.

"This woman is so cool and proud. How dare she ignore me? I agree she is powerful. But that doesn't mean she can look down on me," said Sheehan. Sheehan was frustrated and smiled insidiously as he saw Erica leading to valley. Then he led the members of Elite Regiment into the deep valley. He was a bit confused by the reaction she gave as he was expecting her to reply in a generous way.

Everyone was gone in the blink of an eye in front of the entrance to the deep valley. There was no time left.

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