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   Chapter 535 Spirit Manipulators Gathered

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"It seems that the treasure will appear soon. We should be there when it does. Even if it isn't the Sea Blue Magic Jade, it should still be a valuable treasure. All our efforts will still not be wasted," Sabina said. A thoughtful gleam brightened her eyes.

"Then we should not waste time anymore. Let's hurry up," Rocky said.

Sabina nodded her head. The two of them and the three beasts sped up.

After a short while, the sky above them was engulfed in darkness. Sabina and Rocky looked into the sky, their eyes filled with alarm. A dozen Four-wing Lame Dragons flew in the air above them in groups towards the peculiar light like a hoard of locusts that would destroy everything in their paths.

At the same time, a commotion from below caught their attention. Wild spirit-manipulated beasts were running towards the strange light from all around the valley.

"It looks like we are not alone. It seems that even these wild spirit-manipulated beasts are interested in the treasure." The sight paralyzed Rocky with shock. He stood still as the commotion caused chaos around them. He would have moved, but his mind struggled to absorb and process the scene in front of him.

After they passed the valley, they came to an elevated land that was dense with trees. The thick forest swallowed the light and made the terrain almost impassable. Their once quick pace slowed to a crawl.

"Don't just stand there. Set up those traps quickly! Don't let the spirit manipulators from other countries pass through and challenge us for the treasure!" All of a sudden, a cacophony sounded from ahead of them. The darkness that engulfed the forest blinded them to the dangers in front.

With a wary glance thrown at each other, Rocky and Sabina quickly ordered the three beasts to stay where they were. Then, they moved swiftly so that the shadows hid them and allowed them to sneak stealthily forward. They walked for a short while and came upon more than a dozen figures who were moving about busily ahead of them. Thankfully, the figures were too preoccupied with their preparations to notice that they were being stalked.

"These people must be spirit manipulators from other countries," Sabina said when she noticed the similar clothes and badges wore by those people. Her eyes sparkled with the curious desire to gather information from the strange men. These people could have information that could prove invaluable to them.

"One is at the Heavenly Stage and another one is at the seventh grade of the Heavenly Stage. Two are at the fourth grade of the Heavenly Stage while the rest are at the advanced stage of the Earthly Stage. It seems that they are all well prepared," Rocky said immediately after a perfunctory glance at the figures. His array of experiences came handy at times like these, where he was able to quickly categorize the strange people.

"Let's take a detour to avoid confrontation," Sabina suggested. She knew that if

ulator at the Supernal Stage appears, the situation will just grow more complicated and troublesome. After all, the disparity in power will be astounding if a spirit manipulator has reached the Supernal Stage. Even one grade higher would be a great jump," Sabina said with a frown as she thought of the possible consequences that the events could bring.

"We have to play it by ear. Let's go inside after the others go in," Rocky said wisely. The look reflected in his eyes was intense as determination burned brightly inside him.

"Aren't you worried? Someone could take the initiative and take the treasure before us. If they go in first, we will miss our chance to get the treasure," Sabina asked Rocky.

"This deep valley is filled with wild spirit-manipulated beasts. If we go in first, we'll just be courting death. It's better to sit and watch the others fight. We won't strike until we see the best opportunity." A sly smile crept up on Rocky's face as he explained his thoughts to Sabina.

"That's what we think and I assume the others might think the same," Sabina protested. She shook her head as hesitation clouded her mind.

"Don't worry. Not everyone is as patient as we are," replied Rocky confidently.

As expected, some spirit manipulators lost themselves in the temptation of the treasure quickly and rushed into the valley.

In sharp contrast, the spirit manipulators from other countries seemed to be more patient.

After about two to three hours, the phoenix spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire finally arrived. The person that was leading the team was none other than Erica.

"Tasha, Erica is here," Rocky said. He looked back at Tasha whose mouth was still gagged with grass.

As soon as she heard the name, she became restless with obvious excitement. Unfortunately, she couldn't ask Erica to save her, not with her mouth still bound. Tasha glared at Rocky hatefully, but no sound could escape her gagged mouth.

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