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   Chapter 534 The Master Had Been There

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"If it recovers much better, we can continue to set out on our journey," Rocky said to Sabina. It had taken them almost a day to fight the Furious Long-nosed Bear. So, a lot of spirit manipulators would have overtaken them.

"Okay." Sabina nodded her head and looked up towards Tasha who was unable to move and put on the back of Rubygon.

It seemed that Tasha was tired of scolding, so she merely stared at Rocky with rage. She seemed quite eager to bite him to death.

"Why are you controlling her and letting her stay with us?" Sabina asked.

"From now on, she is our chip," Rocky replied raising his eyebrows.

"Chip?" Sabina was confused after hearing his words.

"This girl is the precious disciple of the imperial preceptor of the Magic Phoenix Empire. If the Magic Phoenix Empire gets the Sea Blue Magic Jade, we could exchange it with her. Then we may be unrequired to take any action," Rocky said shrewdly.

"You are so despicable!" Sabina said with total contempt.

"Thank you so much for your compliment," Rocky responded calmly in agreement.

"But it seems that it is indeed a good thing for us to save her risking our lives," Sabina said of the thought that Rocky's idea was great. After all, they had saved Tasha at the risk of their own lives. Hence, it was reasonable for them to get some benefits back from her.

Then Rocky threw the three-tailed fox, which curled up beside, into his own Magic Spiritual Space. After that, he continued moving towards the peculiar light along with Sabina, Uriah, Rubygon and Tasha, who was carried on the back of Rubygon.

Simultaneously, the phoenix spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire led by Erica were also looking for Tasha.

"Erica, what should we do now? If we are unable to find Tasha, the imperial preceptor would blame us," a woman spoke while walking in front of Erica. Dressed in blue, she looked quite matured.

"We will find her out for sure. She is extremely clever and knows how to act according to the changing circumstances." Even though worried, Erica obviously was not thinking about extreme situations. In fact, she shouldn't have taken Tasha along with her this time. After all, as Tasha was not that powerful, it was not that safe for her to enter

and even dead.

However, there were still many spirit manipulators who were unafraid of death. They bravely continued moving towards the peculiar light.

The next day, Rocky, Sabina, Tasha and their beasts arrived at the river valley not far away from the peculiar light.

"Hey, let me go, you bad guy..." Tasha, who was on the back of Rubygon, kept shouting, while the rest of them were crossing the river.

"This girl is full of energy. She seems not to be thirsty despite yelling from this morning." Rocky gazed at Tasha on the back of Rubygon. She seemed to have cursed him for countless times.

"In fact, you don't have to do that. Just place her down and keep watch on her. She can't run too far anyway." Maybe since both of them were girls, Sabina sympathized with Tasha.

"She is a smart girl. Who knows what tricks she might come up with if I let her go? The lesser the trouble would be, the better. We have almost arrived at the destination anyway," Rocky said while looking towards Sabina.

"As you like." Sabina didn't say anything else.

After the life and death situation they encountered yesterday, their relationship had suddenly become very subtle and Sabina was no more indifferent towards Rocky.

Just then, both of them felt a strong vibration. The river under their feet had suddenly seemed to be boiling and surging.

Upon seeing this, the two raised their heads towards the peculiar light. They saw that the light, which was not far away, was shrinking constantly.

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