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   Chapter 533 The Dangerous World

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A thought struck Rocky. He folded his arms across his chest, looked at Tasha for a few seconds and asked, "By the way, I know that you are going after the Sea Blue Magic Jade, but how will you know if it's actually that which will appear in the Myriad Beasts Ground?"

"How did you know about the Sea Blue Magic Jade?" Hearing Rocky mention the Sea Blue Magic Jade startled Tasha. Logically speaking, only those phoenix spirit manipulators from the Magic Phoenix Empire who had come to the Myriad Beasts Ground knew about it.

"When you came to the Myriad Beasts Ground, I happened to be nearby, so I overheard some of your conversations," replied Rocky honestly. Rocky was looking down to his feet, but he did not look even a bit ashamed of eavesdropping.

"Oh, I see. You were the one who was tailing after us." Rocky could not gauge Tasha's tone in her response, but he waited for her to say more. Tasha was still taking her time to absorb what Rocky had revealed. Then what Erica had said earlier suddenly dawned on her.

"You haven't answered my question yet. How are you sure it's the Sea Blue Magic Jade?" Rocky leadingly asked, obviously eager to get an answer.

"I can't tell you that. Otherwise, Erica would scold me and hate me for it. It's a secret between us!" Tasha shook her head violently, with her hands and lips tightened.

"Then I guess I will have to 'torture' you and force you to say it. Well, I do have plenty of time. Let's think about just what I will do to you... Huh, how about I take your clothes off, hang you upside down on the tree, and then apply magical saliva, which madly attracts the spirit-manipulated beast. Are the wild spirit-manipulated beasts around here? When they come, I will cut the rope and watch you fall to the ground as the beasts salivate and eat you up. I can't wait to hear your miserable shrieks..." Rocky rubbed his chin and said with a devilish look.

Tasha trembled after hearing Rocky's words and she stared at him as if he were a monster. It was as if all her blood left her and she was pale as ice. She was already convinced Rocky would do everything he said, maybe even worse. She lifted her head up and winced at the sight of Rocky as she already saw him as a demon.

"If you tell me about what I asked, you won't have to suffer. Aside from that, I can assure you that you will see Erica again." Rocky continued to tempt Tasha.


she was worried it would also be depressed after everything that had happened.

"Well, I think it definitely feels horrible as it hasn't protected its master well!" Rocky glanced at Duchess Silver and said bitterly.

"What do you mean?" Sabina was confused by what he said.

"When Duchess Silver was hurt, you took it back to the Magic Spiritual Space right away, which is not really a good move. On the contrary, it makes it feel that its master doesn't trust it," Rocky explained in a very professional manner.

"But it was already injured. If I didn't take it back to the Magic Spiritual Space, how could it fight? Should I have just forced it to continue fighting?" Sabina asked back.

"The purpose of spirit-manipulated beasts is to protect their master. If it cannot protect their master, their existence is meaningless. Just like my Uriah, it won't give up on protecting me even to the last minute. And it is because of this that it can inspire its great potential in critical moments..." Then Rocky gave a sigh. In fact, he just understood this not long ago.

After hearing that, Sabina was silent for a few seconds while glancing worriedly at Duchess Silver as she tried to absorb what Rocky had just told her. However, for her, Duchess Silver was not only her spirit-manipulated beast, but also a good friend who had always been by her side. She did not see Duchess Silver as a servant, but as someone she truly cared for. Sabina didn't want anything bad to happen to it.

They had this sort of pampering relationship. In fact, this was something many spirit manipulators committed to.

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