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   Chapter 530 The Super Pill

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Meanwhile, Rocky temporarily lost the ability to act due to the amount of pressure that was on his body. He was just there, lying on the ground, unable to move a muscle.

When the Furious Long-nosed Bear was about to rush toward him, a beast suddenly stood in between them, as if protecting him. The beast, flickering with a faint flame light all over its body, had many scars. It looked beaten, with its hard scales broken and bruised. Even so, it still stayed in front of Rocky, guarding him like a royal warrior with its aura as imposing as the storm.

"U...Uriah..." Rocky stuttered upon seeing what was in front of him. With mixed expression, he didn't expect that Uriah would still try and protect him from danger despite its current state.

However, during this time, Uriah was not able to resist the enemy's attack at all and might even die because of it.

"Uriah, stay away!" Rocky yelled and ordered at once.

But, Uriah remained still as it did not take any actions.

Regardless of the damage that he had received, Rocky just clenched his teeth as he struggled to stand up and teeter towards Uriah.

Rocky pulled his way as he got close to Uriah. Then, the strong black light and red light from their bodies shone at the same time, as if in unison. Simultaneously, the two kinds of light added radiance to each other.

During that time, the evil spiritual power, which emerged from Rocky's body, connected with Uriah's light.

The red flames that Uriah released from its body gradually changed color and then slowly fused with the black evil spiritual power, becoming as sparkly as the Evil Flame.

Suddenly, Uriah's body flashed with the dazzling and blinding light. Then, a strong whirl appeared around it. The Evil Flame spread out of its body and encapsulated itself like the tornado. This, however, displayed such an incredible sight that it radiated such a horrifying aura.

Surprised to see what had just happened, Rocky understood what was happening right away. As a response, he then stretched his hand out to touch Uriah.

But the moment he touched Uriah, both of them burst out the strong Evil

ous power that came from Rocky.

In any case, all that had just happened made Sabina feel astonished. It never occurred to her that she and Rocky would work together to defeat a Furious Long-nosed Bear at the fourth grade of the five-star level, which was equivalent to defeating a spirit manipulator of at least the third or fourth grade of the Supernal Stage.

She never thought that this day would come. After all, this kind of thing was almost impossible, but they actually made it happen!

Of course, the consequences would have been too terrible if it hadn't been for the formidable power from Rocky in the final stage and Uriah's breakthrough to the four-star level at such a critical time.

Taking a drop of the magical saliva, Rocky then quickly sat down with his legs crossed. After recuperating, he immediately stood up and walked to the Furious Long-nosed Bear that he had just defeated. Then, he picked up the Frozen Wind Dagger and cut the bear's belly wide open. He touched it for a while and took out a Beast Spiritual Pill with the strong scent.

The Beast Spiritual Pill's power and potency was much better than the two pills that Rocky had acquired before.

"Well, at least all our efforts were not in vain." Rocky stared at the pill and then immediately placed it into his Magic Spiritual Space. He then put away the Frozen Wind Dagger and Dragon Flame Pearl and walked towards Sabina afterwards.

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