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   Chapter 529 Black Power

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"It's strange why his spiritual power couldn't be devoured by that wind ball." Sabina was surprised as she saw the black flaming ball released by Rocky was not getting swallowed by the wind ball. This was because all the spiritual martial arts she had displayed had already been swallowed up by the wind ball and returned in the same way. While she was too weak to withstand the power of the wind ball, it's reasonable to say that Rocky, who was far away from her, couldn't fight against the wind ball either.

But Sabina saw with her own eyes that the black flaming ball released by the Dragon Flame Pearl fought against the wind ball without showing any sign of being devoured. This was quite unusual.

What she didn't know was that Rocky's evil spiritual power exceeding his current strength. Moreover, the evil spiritual power from the Holy Dragon Bead itself had a special ability of devouring. So it counteracted against the devouring power of the wind ball and initiated a counterattack that Sabina saw.

The impact of the two forces was too strong that the effect could be seen at least a dozen meters around. The dusts were surging and the wind blew hard like a knife cutting the skin.

When the black flaming ball and the wind ball were fighting each other, it could be seen that Rocky suddenly flashed like a wind and rushed forward like a flying bird. He was seen jumping high and approaching towards the black flaming ball that was fighting against the wind ball. A hand rose in the air seeming like it was holding up the sun. Then directly it went deep into the black flaming ball, and sent the evil spiritual power into the Dragon Flame Pearl.

At the next moment, the intensity of light from the black flaming ball became even brighter and it overtook that of the wind ball.

"From where did he get this sort of power?" Sabina was stunned to see this as Rocky was only at the third grade of the Heavenly Stage, but the spiritual power released by him seemed to have already surpassed his own. Moreover, this time, the evil powers released by Rocky showed no sign of descend. He was still very much rational and manipulated this evil power.

ds were sweeping around. The strong power had instantly spread around resulting in stones being flown away and the entire area was filled with dust dozens of meters high.

Under such a strong impact, even the giant bear couldn't help but lean forward. The body which was as large as a hill was suddenly lifted up revealing a crack.

On the other hand, Sabina had already gathered all her spiritual power into the ice bracelet. The ice flowers on the bracelet began blooming again, sparkling holy and translucent. After a few steps, the ice flowers gradually rose up and floated in the air. A beautiful arc flew across the sky, and then a light flashed which shot towards the bear.


The frozen ice flower beat on the body of the bear. In an instant, the icy light glittered and a strong ice force shot around the bear. At the same time, the blood column rushing out of the bear could also be seen. The bear roared miserably and fell on to the ground at once.

Seeing that the bear had finally fallen down to the ground, Sabina released a sigh of relief. Since she had reached her limit, she knelt down on to the ground, panting for breath.

At the next instant, the heavily wounded bear was struggling to get on its feet and it was letting out deafening roars. It limped as a bull with its eyes widely open, as if it was struggling for its last breath. However, it was heading towards the place where Rocky had just fallen...

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