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   Chapter 528 Cooperation

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7603

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Meanwhile, Sabina's heart raced as soon as she saw that Rocky was in trouble. Using her intuition, she suddenly raised her arm, ready to use the ice bracelet's power at any given time. However, Sabina was already too late to take any action as the long nose's impact was all too abrupt. In a blink of an eye, sand flew everywhere which made it easier for the long nose to dash towards Rocky.

But just when Rocky was about to get hit, a beast shadow hastily rushed over him with the fierce flame light.

With a loud bang, the Furious Long-nosed Bear's nose heavily collided with the beast. Afterwards, the flames flickered brightly and shot at all directions, making the air waves surge with heat.

After the standoff, the Furious Long-nosed Bear's power and force prevailed and knocked the beast flying into the air. It flew so far that it glided on the ground for more than ten meters before it came to a halt as it could not get up anymore.

"Uriah!" Rocky yelled seriously. Still feeling sore after the bout, he stood up once he had the chance. Seeing the wound on his left abdomen, he gritted his teeth in pain.

Usually, during a dangerous situation such as this one, Rocky would conduct the Spirit Possession with Uriah. However, when faced with such a powerful opponent, the Spirit Possession would be of no great help to them. On top of that, the skill's side effect could also become a fatal weakness to them. That was why he had decided not to take any risks at that moment.

On the other hand, the Furious Long-nosed Bear didn't seem to let go of Rocky easily. Right after hitting Uriah, it curled its nose up and shot two wind bombs that were directed towards Rocky.

Fortunately, Rocky was quick on his toes as he immediately stepped back upon seeing what was coming for him. And in a flash, the two wind bombs exploded just beside him. The impact was so strong that it made him stagger right after he kept his feet. Afterwards, the Furious Long-nosed Bear's huge body dashed towards him madly.

Meanwhile, Uriah, which had just been knocked away, stood on its feet as it dashed over again like a brave soldier. Without any fear, it once again blocked the Furious Long-nosed Bear with much more power and strength than it had before, baring it

that the dark and evil power inside Rocky was bursting out again.

All of a sudden, with black flames all over his body, Rocky waved his hands and then released the spiritual power that filled his body again, which made the black flames around him also soar. They turned into black flame flows which then intertwined with each other and gathered into the Dragon Flame Pearl in the air.

The Dragon Flame Pearl spun rapidly in the air, and the black flame flows kept on condensing and covering the Dragon Flame Pearl completely. After some time, it formed a huge black fireball with surging spiritual light.

As Rocky waved his hand, the black fireball appeared. It seemed like it was a black version of the sun that had been shot down, which shone brightly and fell toward the Furious Long-nosed Bear.

Seeing this, the Furious Long-nosed Bear was frightened by Rocky's unfathomable strength. It ceased rushing as it looked at the falling black fireball. Roaring loudly, it suddenly opened its mouth and took a deep breath, sucking in a plentiful stream of air. Simultaneously, its nose swelled and rose, shooting out a wind bomb that was almost the same size as the black fireball that was about to land on it. With this skill, the wind bomb flew upward, aiming towards the fireball.

Right at the next moment, the black fireball and the wind bomb suddenly collided, boasting a dazzling and eye-catching feat. Afterwards, a powerful shock wave burst out, sweeping and sending dust and debris into the air.

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