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   Chapter 527 The Intense Fight

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6347

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Sabina's face turned grim when she saw the wind ball dashing towards her. She flipped her palm and launched a fast palm shadow attack with ice element against the wind ball which had strong suction power.

However, the palm shadow was sucked into the wind ball after it hit the ball.

The wind ball continued hurling towards Sabina and, when it was just an inch away from her, it flopped onto the ground.


The ground thumped. With a streak of spiritual light shining abruptly, the spiritual power inside the wind ball was then released.

Such strong power was equal to the power launched by two moves of the spiritual martial arts. With the impact power of the wind ball itself which was burst out at the same time, the power of the wind wall was quite amazing.

Sabina resisted its formidable power with all her spiritual power but failed. Her body trembled and was thrown backwards. Instantly, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Furious Long-nosed Bear took the opportunity to attack Sabina again. Without missing a beat, it slapped its two huge palms directly where Sabina stood.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The earth shook violently.

Sabina used all her remaining energy to evade it. Soon, she found herself driven into a corner. As the bear gained momentum and raised one of its giant palms to attack her again, she bit her lips and, with what was left of her, used all her spiritual power to fight back.

Then, a figure appeared near the armpit of the bear. It was Rocky and he was waving his Flaming Blade, releasing a stream of black Evil Flame and hurling it right at the armpit of the beast.

The moment the bear's giant palm was directly over Sabina's head, ready to hit her violently, it was hit by the Evil Flame and got frozen in the air.

Sabina took her chance. She released her Ice spiritual power, injected it into her ice bracelet and then stretch

r of flaming wings. Uriah flew as quickly as a flash towards the bear and, once near it, slapped the bear with its wings.

The bear whipped its giant nose and swatted Uriah away, as if it were merely a fly.

Rocky appeared beside Uriah and, with his Flaming Blade, created a stream of black-red Evil Flame. The Evil Flame hit the bear's nose and blocked it in the air.

Uriah jumped up and began spinning fast like a spinning top. Then, its flaming wings turned into a wave of fire like a dragon and dashed towards the bear. Soon, the bear's skin was set in flames. The air began to smell like burning flesh.

However, the beast refused to give up. It pounced forward and rushed towards Rocky. Before Rocky could dodge, the bear struck its nose down from the air with lightning speed.

Rocky raised his Flaming Blade in an attempt at defending himself. However, the bear's giant nose merely crushed the spiritual power condensed by the blade. Rocky looked grim. He tried his best to avoid the bear's strike, but it was just too late. His left abdomen was hit violently by the bear. Then, he fell to the ground, beginning to feel hopeless.

In one fell swoop, the bear raised its nose again and slammed it on Rocky's feeble body crumpled on the ground.

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