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   Chapter 526 Eve Of The War

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Rocky immediately summoned Uriah from the Magic Spiritual Space and prepared himself to fight with all his might.

Although Uriah was only at the third grade of the three-star level, its combat effectiveness was still very strong because of its rarity and the amazing fire power. It was still far weaker than Duchess Silver at the fourth grade of the four-star level. However, since it possessed more combat power, it had a better chance to win.

"Is this beast of yours a spiritual beast?" Sabina asked glancing upon Uriah. She was very curious about Uriah right from the moment she saw it. Uriah also had a very unique smell as if it had integrated the auras of the war beast and the spiritual beast. The auras released by a war beast and a spiritual beast were different. The aura of the war beast was a little rigid, while that of the spiritual beast was softer. But the aura of Uriah was neither tough nor soft, making it so special.

However, Uriah had an obvious spiritual beast feature, which was the fire power. So Sabina concluded that Uriah was a spiritual beast.

"At this instant, do you still care whether my Uriah looks like a spiritual beast?" A bitter smile emerged on Rocky's face as he turned his head to look at Sabina. Now, in this desperate moment too, Sabina still had the heart to care about his Uriah.

"Who cares? I just asked casually, because I have seen a lot of the spiritual beast illustrations, and I do know most of them. But I have never seen your spirit-manipulated beast, and neither have I found any similar race…" Sabina answered staring coldly at Rocky.

Hearing this Rocky shook his head with a smile. As Uriah was never recorded in the Beast Encyclopedia, it was normal for Sabina to feel surprised.

At the same time, the Furious Long-nosed Bear got ready to enjoy its delicious food. It slowly approached Rocky and Sabina, with its two big eyes rolling on both of them, as if to pick one of them first.

Seeing the approaching bear, Rocky and Sabina looked at each other and got ready to


In an instant, thick and long ice thorns rushed out and directly hit the lower abdomen of the bear. The skin of the bear was invulnerable, but after constantly hitting with the ice thorns, its skin was still blooming.

The bear made a terrible shriek and swept off the back part of its body. Then the ground was shaken apart by the great force, which counteracted the spiritual power from the freezing thorns.

As she saw that she was successful in her first attack, Sabina immediately took advantage of the situation. The purple light was like a rainbow, which turned into a beam of ice light and then went directly straight at the bear. Wherever it passed, a thin layer of ice was instantly formed and the ground was covered with white snow.

However, at the next moment, the bear suddenly howled and took a deep breath with its mouth wide open. Then, its thick nose continued to swell up like a balloon.


With a deafening thud, a huge wind ball rushed out of his thick nose and whirled around ceaselessly. At the same time, it used its amazing suction force and caused a collision with the ice colored light that Sabina had shot.

After a moment of stalemate, the spiritual power of the ice colored light was suddenly getting weak, and it was getting sucked in by the wind ball. And then, the wind ball continued to rush towards Sabina.

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