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   Chapter 525 Survival Of The Fittest

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"It seems that this bear is smarter than we imagined. It knew quite well of our intention to get rid of it and now has taken advantage of it. It deliberately drove us here in order to catch us!" It was totally out of Rocky's expectation. This Furious Long-nosed Bear not only had strong limbs, but was intelligent too. It had even lured him into a trap.

At this moment, Rocky and Sabina were in deep trouble.

"Call out Duchess Silver." Sensing that the situation was getting worse, Rocky immediately shouted at Sabina from the other side of the bear. If both of them had gotten trapped there, then the consequences would be really unthinkable.

When Sabina heard Rocky's voice, she called out Duchess Silver. Immediately, she jumped onto the back of Duchess Silver and flew into the air. But instead of flying away directly, she flew towards Rocky.

On seeing this, trying to stop Duchess Silver, the bear swung its long nose and shot out several wind bombs.

The power of the wind bombs was not something which could have been taken lightly. But both Sabina and Duchess Silver decided to take the risk and then they flew towards Rocky. However, since Rocky was at the other side of the bear, it was not easy to save him.

"Don't try to save me now. You should go first!" Rocky shouted at Sabina upon seeing this. He knew the risks behind Sabina attempting a rescue.

However, it was impossible for Sabina to leave Rocky alone there. Her sole purpose of going to the Gehenna Border was to protect Rocky. If something had happened to him, it meant that she had failed in fulfilling her obligation and that she was unable to complete the task that her master had assigned.

Therefore, Sabina continued to ride Duchess Silver without hesitation. She rushed towards Rocky, trying desperately to fight the bear and take Rocky away into safety.

While Sabina was dodging the wind bombs released by the bear, she employed the ice flowers of the spiritual martial arts and condensed countless frost blades which rushed towards the bear at high speed. She was hoping to buy some time to let Duchess Silver try its best to rush towards Rocky.

fare for distracting and causing panic. In this way, they might expose their flaws.

"This Myriad Beasts Ground is indeed very terrible. Even an ordinary five-star wild spirit-manipulated beast can push us into this bad situation..." exclaimed Sabina. The situation might have been different if she had been more powerful. Unfortunately, she was just at the first grade of the Supernal Stage. She might be an outstanding spirit manipulator, but in this dangerous Myriad Beasts Ground, she seemed powerless to deal with any situation.

Of course, judging from the previous encounters, the strength of this bear was at least equivalent to that of a spirit manipulator at the third grade of the Supernal Stage. Without Duchess Silver's help, the gap between Sabina and the Furious Long-nosed Bear was very huge.

Rocky just reached the third grade of the Heavenly Stage, but it was difficult for him to cause any injury to the bear. During his last encounter with the bear, he was in great danger. If the Rainbow Glow Unicorn hadn't appeared and helped him, he might have died at that time.

"It seems that we have no choice but to go all out! Either it dies, or we are unlucky..." Now that things had come to this end, Rocky was left with no other option but to use the best of his abilities against the bear.

The survival of the fittest and the selection of natural laws were the common phenomenon of the Myriad Beasts Ground!

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