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   Chapter 524 Prey

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7503

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"If you have any idea, just say it directly. Don't beat around the bush." Sabina glared at Rocky, suspecting that he must have come up with an idea. She raised her left eyebrow, as if encouraging Rocky to open his mouth. After staying together with Rocky for some time, she knew Rocky's personality well. There were a lot of moments where he looked cynical, but internally, he had already controlled everything secretly. Sabina was used to it. Rocky tended to surprise the people around him with his organized thoughts. So when she saw the serious look on Rocky's face, she knew that he had already come up with a solution. This thought gave Sabina some relief.

"If the Furious Long-nosed Bear can't attack us from a distance, we can leave with the help of Duchess Silver. But the problem is that the wind bomb released by the bear is powerful, so we can't take the risk to let Duchess Silver take us out of here. The only thing we can do is to take advantage of the terrain of the place where we are now..." Rocky turned towards Sabina and gave out a cunning smile. When Sabina saw this, she knew her hunch about Rocky's ideas was right.

"Take advantage of the terrain?" Sabina felt a bit relieved upon hearing Rocky's plan. However, she didn't immediately get how they would be able to make use of the terrain of the valley. She then took a long look at their environment, paying attention to the landform surrounding them. After a few minutes, she began to grasp Rocky's suggestion.

"When I arrived here, I observed the valley carefully. The valley is like a group of gourds, from wide to narrow, and from narrow to wide. Some areas are so narrow that only two people can walk side by side at the same time. If we consider this to our advantage, it's not difficult for us to get rid of the Furious Long-nosed Bear. Once we are able to run away and keep a distance from it, we can let Duchess Silver take us out of the valley." Rocky told Sabina his plan calmly. His eyes were gleaming and he looked so hopeful despite the fatigue showing on his face.

"It sounds like a good idea!" As Sabina responded, she looked up at the Furious Long-nosed Bear which suddenly had become quiet. It just rolled its big eyes, staring at them from af

ectly like a large mountain.

"Get away!" Rocky shouted at Sabina the moment he realized what happened.

The two of them dodged and slid to opposite sides at the same time. In a blink of an eye, the huge body of the Furious Long-nosed Bear slammed into the ground like a meteorite. The mountain walls around them trembled all of a sudden. The rubbles scattered and dust flew violently. Within a dozen meters radius, the ground was shaking violently.

Several cracks appeared at the place where Furious Long-nosed Bear fell down, and ground sank for three meters. The strong downward momentum spread directly around, causing an astonishing force, like a torrent. The dust and sand were stirred up.

Both Rocky and Sabina were affected by the force. They rushed towards the two sides. After a while, they stopped. However, at this moment, the Furious Long-nosed Bear's huge body was between them.

The Furious Long-nosed Bear suddenly swung its thick nose and smashed it towards the entrance where Rocky and Sabina had just come in. Rocks began to fall down and blocked the entrance.

The most frightening thing was that they found themselves in a dead end. There was no exit for them to escape to.

Adrenaline was running through the veins of both Rocky and Sabina. Everything happened so quickly. Panicking, they had realized that the Furious Long-nosed Bear drove them into this place on purpose. Then, it would trap them there, so that they could not escape and become its prey!

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