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   Chapter 523 Fighting Like Kilkenny Cats

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The Furious Long-nosed Bear let out a loud thud as it hurled its body towards Duchess Silver. Luckily, the Duchess Silver was able to evade it by the hair. Sabina waved her hands and released Ice spiritual energy. Two Ice Whips shot out from her finger tips and pierced towards the Furious Long-nosed Bear.

Slap! The Ice Whip from her right hand pierced the bear. And then the left one followed with a loud slap.

The Furious Long-nosed Bear groaned, its face now marked with ice.

Sabina was already at the Supernal Stage. She was strong. The Furious Long-nosed Bear, on the other hand, was huge. Instead of being threatened by its size, Sabina found the bear's enormity to be its weakness. It was too exposed. It was easy for Sabina to take it down.

But now, the Furious Long-nosed Bear was even more agitated. It stomped loudly on the ground and caused the earth beneath them to shake. Its nose swung up and dove down with enough force to split a mountain in half.

The Duchess Silver was already at the fourth-grade and it already had four stars. However, it was still inferior to the Furious Long-nosed Bear. The force of the bear broke the wind cyclone that protected the Duchess Silver, and the Duchess Silver collapsed to the ground.

Before Sabina and the Duchess Silver could retaliate, the nose of the Furious Long-nosed Bear shrank then released several invisible wind bombs. It attacked Duchess Silver which was already struggling to get up.

"Duchess Silver!" Sabina stretched her arms out and her eyes froze to the sky. "Icy Dragon Dancing!" she shouted.

Frosty powers like snowstorms burst from her arms. It danced and swiveled around Sabina before it col

g-nosed Bear was more difficult to deal with than she thought. Even with the help of the Duchess Silver, they wouldn't have stood a chance.

The Furious Long-nosed Bear did not just have the advantage of physical strength. It was also able to manipulate the wind and create wind bombs from thin air. Wind bombs were forceful enough to compete with the blow of spiritual martial arts.

"Do you have any ideas?" Sabina waited for Rocky to respond. They couldn't just run away and they knew they had to fight back. The only way to win was to get rid of the Furious Long-nosed Bear.

"There are two of us. If we take Uriah and Duchess Silver with us, we may stand a chance against the beast. But we're taking a big risk. We are at the Myriad Beasts Ground; we might end up calling the attention of other wild spirit-manipulated beasts. We have to fight smart," Rocky analyzed seriously. Wild spirit-manipulated beasts had not been tamed by any master. They got mad easily and were more dangerous when angry. They also did not easily give up.

Therefore, if they keep fighting the bear, they might all end up seriously hurt.

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